23 February 2015

Being a Missionary is the Greatest Thing in the Whole Entire World

Okay... well.... uhhh..... BEING A MISSIONARY IS BASICALLY THE GREATEST THING IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. Like seriously the best! Being a missionary is also the hardest thing in the whole entire world. But we can't grow or learn if we never experience anything hard.... do you agree? Well it's the truth. I have never been so tired and ready to go to bed at night... But I have also never woken up so excited and ready to work! 

So you know in Elf when Buddy goes to Gimbles (is that the name of the store?) And the owner guy tells him that there is no such thing as the North Pole, and he says with an overly excited expression on his face, "Yes there is!" Well I definitely had one of those moments this week. So it all started when we were walking through the town in Aylesbury, and we always stop people and ask them, "if you could ask God one question, what would you ask?" So we asked that to this guy, and he looks at us and laughs and said, "God isn't real" and starts walking away. Then I blurt out "Yes he is!" In the same overly excited expression that Buddy the Elf had on his face. Seriously go look up that scene because it was basically identical.

WEATHER REPORT: So you would think that when the sun is out that it would be warmer because that is just logical... well jokes on me. The coldest day of the week was when the sun was out. AND we have been going to Aylesbury 2 to 3 times a week to build up the ward there, so we had no one to
teach yet and we walked around all day to do some finding. I froze my tail off. Literally.

I have found my new favorite type of exercise... It is called sprint as fast as you can in a skirt, boots, 3 layers, a long winter coat, scarf with your badge flying in your face, with a heavy shoulder bag, and a Book of Mormon in hand so we don't miss the bus.... Just picture that for a moment. It's chaos I tell you. Reminds me of when we were traveling to an away game and had a connecting flight we were gonna miss, so my whole team was sprinting through the airport causing a huge scene..... hahahhaa I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. ahh I miss you girls! Okay back to the bus story... Keep in mind that this is a regular occurrence of the missionary life. Then 95% of the time the bus is late anyways so we pretty much sprinted for nothing. Story. Of. My. Life.

You know in the Newzies when they are throwing all those newspapers in the air and giving them to everyone? We basically do the same thing with mormon.org cards. It is basically awesome. 

Sister Ranck and Sister Hernes
So there is this lady named Kathy who the sisters have been teaching forever and she is a Methodist, but knows the Book of Mormon is true but has a problem with coming to church because her 11 year old son doesn't want to come. So the sisters have never met him because he always stays upstairs to play on the computer whenever the sisters come over. So Sister Hernes and I came up with a plan. What do 11 year old boys like..???  MAGIC. So Elder Kendall, who is serving in our ward in Aylesbury, from Utah, told us about an easy trick to do. So we were way excited to try it and we got her son James to come down for the first time and we did the trick! I was shocked it even worked and personally I thought it was sweet.... But what was his reaction? "I've seen better." Then he proceeded to explain how it works. yup. He is 11. SHUT DOWN. We are praying and fasting for a miracle for Kathy and her son.

THOMAS AND SAMMY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WISH SO BAD I COULD COME AND CELEBRATE BUT I MEAN I AM KIND OF IN LONDON SO TOO BAD!!!!! Hehehehe only joking..... but really you should be jealous. Thank you for having a birthday so I can have an excuse to buy some British chocolate. 

Want to know the dumbest invention ever? The kitchen sink in our flat has two faucets... one with only burning hot water... and one with freezing cold water... no in-between. like really? When was that ever a good idea. 


Okay rewind... 2 Saturdays ago we met this man named Steven in the streets. That was a miracle that we even met him because if our plans all worked out we would have not have been where we were at that time and crossed paths with him. But God knows best and we met him in the street and talked to him for like 45 minutes or something. We set up an appointment for the next Friday with him and we had the Richardsons come with us... (okay they are the greatest old couple ever and help us out so much!) So we met him at Costa, which is a coffee shop they have everywhere in England.. but no worries. I just got hot chocolate. So we thought it would be just him, but no. HE BROUGHT HIS WIFE. BOO YAH!!! We taught them the restoration and about the Book of Mormon and seriously the Spirit was sooo strong! Even in a loud coffee shop, the Spirit was there and they were very interested and asking awesome questions. Needless to say... they are GOLDEN investigators I tell you. We committed them to read the Book of Mormon every day until we see them again and pray about it. We also extended the invitation to be baptized, and they said that if they receive an answer that it is true, that baptism would be the next logical step... UMM YEAH IT IS. AND I AM COMPLETELY CONFIDENT THAT THEY WILL RECEIVE AN ANSWER!!! The honest seeker of truth who studies and prays with real intent and has ever intention of acting upon the answer they receive, will always receive an answer. I have full confidence in that. I have full confidence in God. PRAY THAT THEY WILL FEEL THE SPIRIT AS THEY READ AND PRAY!!! AND OH MY I AM JUST SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW AND MOMENTS LIKE THAT MAKE MISSIONARY WORK ALL WORTH IT!!!!!!

The Book of Mormon is True
God answers your prayers. No doubt about that. So Elder Kashari from Albania and Elder Wright from California are in my district and they are so hilarious. Elder Wright loves rapping and it is basically awesome. Last Thursday at district meeting, Elder Kashari asked us if we found a family of 5 this week.... so Sister Hernes and I were thinking about it and actually on the way to district meeting we took the bus to Aylesbury, and we always split up on the bus to talk to different people, and I usually scope out right when I get on the bus who I am going to go sit by, and there was this African lady in the back, and I felt like I should go sit by her, but so did Sister Hernes and she got to her first, and turns out that she has 2 kids and one on the way, sooooo uhhhh family of 5...... and GET THIS. She actually met sisters a couple months back and wanted to come to church and was all ready to go one Sunday, but her lift (ride) never came to pick her up. So we got her phone number and set up an appointment for next week and also she said she is going to come to church this Sunday!!! AMAZING. Okay back to the Elders... they told us that they have been praying that Sister Hernes and I would find a 5 member family... specifically 5. AND on
In the Center of the Town of Leighton Buzzard
the bus that morning, Sister Hernes and I both felt like going to sit by the same lady.... That way if one of us didn't, the other one would. UMM OKAY IS THAT NOT AN ANSWER TO THE ELDERS PRAYER OR WHAT? That just makes my heart happy. I can't believe that the Elders were praying for that for us! Isn't that thee sweetest thing ever??!!

Someone in church yesterday said that the Spirit makes them want to smile on the outside and the inside. Loved that.

I have a question for you all... How is your prayer life?? As missionaries we pray on average like 30 times a day. How many times a day did I used to pray? Maybe like 3..... Want to know why missionaries are so in-tune with the Spirit? THEY PRAY ALLLLL THEEEEE TIME. And seriously the difference that I have felt on my mission is amazing. I feel so much more in-tune with the Spirit than I ever have before. I have come to learn to recognize the Spirit much better and have realized that the Spirit speaks to me more often in my thoughts than anything else. Pray for the Spirit and I PROMISE YOU that you will feel a difference in your life and especially be able to recognize it more often.

I have a challenge for you all this week. Here it is. Right when you wake up, roll out of bed onto your
President and Sister Jordan with Sister Sara Ranck
knees and pray. Every time you leave your house, kneel and pray. Every time you get home, kneel and pray. Before you get out of the car, pray. Before every single meal, pray. Then see how much your life changes as you do this. I can promise you that you that the Spirit will guide you in your daily lives. He will help you make good decisions. He will bless you with comfort and peace. He will warn you of danger. He will strengthen you to resist temptation. He will forgive you of your sins. You will feel the Spirit so much stronger in your life.

But most importantly..... REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE SPEAKING TO AS YOU PRAY!!!! YOU ARE SPEAKING TO THE MOST POWERFUL AND LOVING BEING IN THE UNIVERSE. So cut the habit of saying the same things over and over again. Because I know that in my life I have fallen into that habit many times and during those times when my prayers aren't sincere and I am just going through the motions, those are the times when I don't feel the Spirit as strong in my life.

Rita :)
One last story. Every Sunday we go to visit this women named Rita who is in an old folks home. She is basically the sweetest lady ever and is hilarious. She can't walk or take care of herself, and we have to pretty much scream at her because she can barely hear. But we love singing her hymns! So yesterday when we went to visit her the last one to put our finger on our nose has to say the prayer, she she was last. I have never heard a more powerful prayer in my entire life than that prayer. She had tears in her own eyes as she was speaking to God. She spoke to God as if he was sitting right there in that room. He thanked him for Sister Hernes and I for bringing a piece of church to her since she is no longer able to go herself. She prayed for our families and friends back home. It was completely from the heart, and boy it was powerful. We need to all be more like Rita.

I love you all so much!! I miss you all everyday but I know that this is where I need to be. Jesus Christ is my Savior. The Church is true. Joseph Smith was a prophet. The Book of Mormon is the word of God.  I feel honored to wear His name on my heart and I pray every day that I can represent Him well.

Onward and Upward! 

Sister Ranck

Thanks to My Cute Family for the Valentines Hearts 

16 February 2015

My First Area - Leighton Buzzard England

Well here is the news you have all been waiting for.... I have been assigned to the LEIGHTON BUZZARD AREA IN THE AYLESBURY WARD!!! 

Leighton Buzzard is so beautiful.  I LOVE IT HERE.
And my companion is Sister Hernes from..... wait for it..... NORWAY!!!  I know Grandma Jarvis will be happy about that one. No, she does not have blond hair so I look more Norwegian than she does pretty much.

So to pronounce her name think of Hans from Frozen, then add an "es" to the end.... HAN-ES... Okay get it?

But she is basically amazing and teaches so well. Thank goodness I have her or I would be a lost soul I tell yah. Our flat is in Linslade, and it is basically Candyland. Like you know.. the board game. Because every wall is a different color of either pink or blue and the curtains are like this purple pink and the other curtains are blue and green polka dots. It is old and real real small but real real cute at the same time. 

Sooooo I over packed. Big time. Like seriously after we got assigned to our companions we had to go to the underground trains.. or the tube... in London and we had to get on like 3 different trains to get to where we had to go and it was packed with people.. like basically Disneyland down there. and I am trying to carry 3 HUGE suitcases. Okay well 2 huge ones and one smaller one... but it was a nightmare and I was literally sweating trying to get from train to train with all of those people. And get this... my forearms were sore the next day from it. How embarrassing.

President and Sister Jordan
and the new missionaries that started with me
Umm okay basically my Mission President and his wife are AMAZING!!!! Like seriously they are the best ever and so welcoming! Look up the mission home/visitors center in London... It is incredible!

After doing like an orientation thing, we all went out to the streets to do some finding.... AND WE GAVE OUT A BOOK OF MORMON!!! We had an awesome conversation with this guy from Oregon actually of all places.. hahaha and taught him a little about the BOM and he took a selfie with us on his GoPro after... haha. It was hilarious. But super awesome.

OKAY COOL STORY!!!!!!! So on the drive from the MTC to the mission home, we drove in a bus.. there were four of us missionaries and we had an awesome convo with the bus driver!!!! We talked about God and asked her if she could ask God one question what it would be.. she said forgiveness. We talked some more, and soon enough I fell asleep cause it was like a 5 hour drive. So in the middle of my nap I suddenly woke up with the thought to find a scripture to give to her. So I went on a frantic search to find an awesome scripture passage and felt good about Alma 7:10-16. THEN I had the idea to give her the Book of Mormon that my amazing Brother Thomas wrote his testimony in. I cannot even tell you how special having those BOM's that my bros wrote their testimonies in with me. They always bring me such comfort and peace. And giving it away, even though I know I had to, was like giving away a little piece of my heart. But I did it anyway and when we got off the bus I gave it to her and showed her my bros testimony and literally started crying as I told her about it and how special it was to me and how I wanted her to have it. She was so touched and she started crying to and refused to take it because she saw how much I cared about it, but I insisted. She just gave me a big hug for like a minute and we were both crying because the spirit was just really strong. She looked at my name tag and told me that she will always remember me and find me some day. I gave her my email so she can contact me. Oh my that was a very special experience for me. So pray for Kate the bus driver and her little family. 

Yup. Guess what. I actually went for a run in England last week... TWICE. Yup. You should all be jealous right now........ In all reality don't be because it just about killed me. Yeah and we only went for 20 minutes. And get this..... I WAS SORE. I think I am just a little bit slightly out of shape. 

My 1st Flat 
Here is my address so you can send me letters. SEND ME LETTERS OR ELSE YOU WILL BE HAUNTED IN YOUR SLEEP. MARK MY WORDS. 

Do you all understand how serious I am about this whole letter thing??? Okay good.

The Ward House from the Front
So yesterday was Sunday and what do we do on Sunday? Oh yeah.. we go to church. The ward here is amazing and all of the members are incredible and help us out so much!!! The church building is really cute too! Look it up... it's on Thame Road South in Aylesbury England! This little girl named Martha who is 11 took my badge off me and put some stickers on the back... one of them was this big red foot... yeah.. a foot... okay? But whatevs it is cute!! I also gave her and some of the other kids a CTR ring!!! So thanks Daddy:) 

The Ward House from the Back
So now some small talk about the weather. So far in the past 5 days that I have been in Leighton Buzzard, the sun has shown a total of 1 times and it was only for like 2 hours and it was during our study time so we didn't even get to enjoy it. Today it was raining.... but it's England so that is what we expected right? It's cold but whoever said that it was the coldest ever is lying. Because it is cold but personally I think Utah can get much colder... knock on wood. 

Look up the little town in Leighton Buzzard... it is exactly what you would picture England to look like and I love it! It's amazing here and there are so many little ally ways to take you to the little streets and they are all so cute!!!!! 

So we are teaching this guy named Connor... and last Thursday we had our first lesson with him and he is a very intelligent guy and an atheist.... and oh my heavens that was the hardest lesson I have ever been through and not gonna lie I didn't really say much at all... THANK GOODNESS FOR COMPANIONS. So he had 2 pages worth of questions about why God does certain things and about all of these "hard topics" and I realized in that lesson how much I walk by faith. I have so much faith in God, and I KNOW that he loves His children. and I KNOW that everything happens for a reason. How do I know? Because I have felt and seen a spiritual witness that it is true. The problem with Connor is he is looking for physical evidence, but the thing is, we are NEVER going to understand everything in this life and really, even Elder Holland said it, EVERYONE IS TO WALK BY FAITH. So we had an interesting lesson, and basically told him, that the only way he is going to know is if he prays and receives that spiritual witness. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM. Like right now. Say silent prayer in your head for him. Literally do it.

I love this quote... I have no idea who it is from.... but it is amazing and I have really been holding onto it this week.

"Challenges that tax our faith are usually opportunities to stretch and strengthen our faith by finding out if we really believe the Lord will help us." 

Read that again and let it sink in. 

Whoever said England is a "hard" mission because the people are so set in their ways.. you are all wrong. Last year this mission baptized 474 people and our goal this year is 600. That is 474 more people who have entered through the gate and are on their way to eternal life. This mission is a baptising mission. That is one of the first things president told us. Have you ever wondered why missions put so much emphasis on baptism? Well.. think about it. BAPTISM IS LITERALLY THE GATEWAY TO HEAVEN. That is why we press it so hard. Sister Hernes and I have a lot of potentials that I am really excited about for this week.

I am constantly amazed by how much God is in the details of our lives..... On Saturday we had our day all planned out with people we were going to go see and stuff.. But literally NOTHING went as planned. Long story short... We ended up running into some people that knew some members and got some contact info, AND we talked to this guy named Steven for like 45 minutes on the street about God and it was seriously awesome and he is super interested and we have a return appointment with him this week!!!! We would have never met him if we wouldn't have been at this certain place at the exact time that he was... GOD IS IN THE DETAILS OF OUR LIVES AND I KNOW HE IS IN YOURS TOO!!! But sometimes we just don't see it.

So here is your challenge for this week. Pray every day to see the hand of the Lord in your life.I PROMISE you that as you go about your day, with that in mind, you WILL see His hand in your life. Because he is there. No doubt about it.

I love you all. Your prayers mean the absolute world to me. This work is amazing. God is amazing. He loves us all, no doubt about it.


Sister Ranck

10 February 2015

Going to London Baby!

GOING TO LONDON BABY. THAT'S RIGHT!!! It is currently 6 am here in beautiful England which means it is like 11 in Utahhh. But we were up super early today because we are driving to LONDON!!! WOW WHERE I WILL BE A REAL LIFE MISSIONARY AND WORK WITH REAL LIFE PEOPLE AND NOT FAKE INVESTIGATORS!! NOW I REALLY CAN'T LAUGH IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LESSON. GREAT. I'M IN BIG TROUBLE.

So we had the opportunity to go to Manchester last week to go finding for a few hours..... Uhhh yeah so it was basically amazing. I was companions with Sister Zhu for that because she is learning English and is from China. Oh my heavens she is adorable.

OKAY. Here is the run down from my time in Manchester.....

So first off we walked up to this guy... turns out he was blind.. but we couldn't tell so we start talking to him, then he was like wait who are you? And we said Missionaries!!! Then he was like oh.. then walked away. UMM HELLO YOU NEED JESUS. 

Some lady told me on the train to read and pray about the Koran to see if it was the word of God.... uhhhhhh GIRL DO I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU!

So basically we went to this park in the middle of the city where people were walking around on their lunch break and such. So majority of the time people would avoid us... So guess what we did. We would just go sit by them on the bench and TRAP THEM. Muahaha can't run now.

Okay but on the real that was an incredible experience and I actually gave out two BookS of MormonS (Thomas lol.) and the restoration pamphlet and there were two ladies that I talked to who were super interested.

One lady we trapped on the bench, I was just talking to her having a normal conversation about what she's doing there and she said she was trying to find a job and has an interview today.... UMM PERFECT. So naturally she asked me who I was cause you know the badge and stuff... so I told her all about us and about Joseph Smith and how there is a living prophet on the earth and especially how God can help her find a job and really loves her and oh my she was the sweetest thing ever and the Spirit was so strong and I am feeling the Spirit so strong right now as I type this because oh my I only talked to her for like 20 minutes but I already love her so much!!!! So I gave her a Book of Mormon and she was looking through it and asking me questions and really wanted to know more. UMM I WAS LIKE YES. (Kasan). But pray for Rachel!!! Like seriously!! She was the sweetest thing EVER and I hope she gets to meet with the Missionaries in Manchester!!
My District.  We are all looking at our own cameras
and that is why we are all looking at different places.  HaHa

So a member of the 70 came last week to speak with us and it was amazing!!! I honestly do not remember anything he said because we learn so much here that I can't even keep it straight. But I remember the Spirit was strong and I took good notes soooo..... BUT. My district (whom I adore) did a musical number that we have been practicing all week! Guess what we call ourselves... The Band of Lehi (cause our district name is Lehi.) But get it... like the "Book of Mormon" or "Brother of Jared".... "Band of Lehi".... hahahha missionary humor. We thought we were hilarious. 

I have a new proselyting approach......
DO YOU WANT A BOOK OF MORMON???! I PROMISE IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! (sung to the tune of do you want to build a snowman. there is more to it but you will have to #staytuned.) Yup we have fun at lunch.

Sooooo apparently everybody outside of America says that they think America is trying to take over the world with MORMONISM. WELL I SURE GOT NEWS FOR YOU!!! Actually did you know that there are more members outside of the US than there are in? #truefact. And also... people think we sacrifice REAL ANIMALS in the temple. And also that we pay Mitt Romney to go on a mission and that is why he is so rich..... Uhhhh... Want a Book? It's free!

CHECK THE ENGLAND MISSIONARY TRAINING CENTER FACEBOOK PAGE TO SEE A VIDEO OF ALL THE MISSIONARIES SINGING THE EFY MEDLY OF SISTERS IN ZION AND ARMIES OF HELAMAN. Sister Mussman and I since we are the Sister Training Leaders had to plan a musical activity for Sunday so we learned that song and recorded it!! Don't expect anything amazing because we kinda suck as a choir actually.... But we only had 45 minutes to learn it so we did pretty well I guess!!!! But go check it out. 

These are the boys in my District...They are HILARIOUS!
Okay before I came here I had a strong testimony... But oh my heavens I didn't realize how strong it was until I came here!!!! So the other day we were doing a role play... we do those a lot.. and Sister Mussman and I were teaching one of our teachers and he was bringing up a concern about some weird things he heard that we did in the temple.. My comp handled the situation really well and eventually we told him that well if he wants to know he needs to ask God about it. He said.. "You are really going to trust God with this?" and in that moment with no hesitation we both said "absolutely." I absolutely know that God is real. I absolutely know that God will answer your prayers. I absolutely that this church is true, and we have a living prophet today. Absolutely. No doubt in my mind. That moment kind of took me back with how I responded and it solidified my testimony. You don't realize how strong of a testimony you have until it is questioned or tried. AMEN to that right there.

Oh my Heavens I love
President and Sister
Preston.  They are the
sweetest people you will
ever meet.
"Because we have been given much we too must give." Do we understand the significance of the Gospel? What it really means to know that there is a God and that he loves us and can help us in our lives? Do we understand the importance of the restoration and the knowledge that we have a living prophet today??? Sometimes I don't think we realize how incredible that knowledge is. But I am starting to realize that more and more. We have a knowledge of great importance that people are searching for, that people don't know where to find. So OPEN YOUR MOUTH. Share it because there is someone out there that needs it but just doesn't know where to find it.

Also...... I think what makes us unique as missionaries and as a church is that we aren't trying to convince people to believe us. As missionaries we are INVITING people to find out for themselves by asking God. And I KNOW THAT GOD WILL ANSWER THAT PRAYER. So I am asking you now... to not take my word for it... But to ask God yourself if it is true. Because He is the only one that can give you an answer to that question.

Thank you for your prayers. I really do feel them. I pray for you every day as well!!!!! 


God Speed.

Sister Ranck.

Sara's Missionary Plaque now on display in the hallway of our Ward

04 February 2015

I Love Being a Missionary


Ps the accent we do on accent Thursday is nothing like the real deal. We suck. Literally. Okay not literally but we are terrible. Okay I changed my mind, we literally suck at faking a British accent. Here is my proof:

So the other day I was practicing my accent (all my teachers are from England and they are awesome) and I walk into our district room (District Lehi baby. Lehi is cool but I wish it was like Moriancumr or King Nebedkadnezzer or something.. however you spell it. That would have been much cooler.) and I ask my teacher in my British accent... 

"Can I ask you a question? Does my accent sound real?"

His answer: "No."


No hesitation or pause to think about it or anything... just a straight no.

I couldn't focus the rest of the day I was so mad. 

I must say it is quite hilarious hearing everyone attempt an American accent... and it especially makes me realize how ugly we sound. The Brits all sound so proper.

So the MTC is AWESOME!! There are only 34 people here and some are learning German, Greek, and some are from China learning English. So seriously whenever someone stands up to say a prayer you just never know what language it will be in and it is AWESOME! The best part is that even though I have no idea what they are saying, the Spirit is still the same. THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!!! AHHH I CAN'T EVEN STAND IT IT'S AMAZING!!!

Oh my goodness guess what is a swear word here... "crap." For example... when you mess up on something... "oh crap!" Yup. and I say it on average 58 times a day. Sometime count how many times you say it because I grantee (how do you even spell that?) you say it so much more than you think. So now I try to say "rubbish" instead. "oh rubbish!" yeah doesn't flow so well. I'll work on it.

Oh and we aren't supposed to use the word "cool" cause we are supposed to speak with refined dignity... so the other day at lunch someone told a story and I said... "oh cool!" then after realizing what I said I said... "oh crap!!!" yeah my bad.... everyone had a good laugh about that one.

Okay the funniest thing ever is when we all sing together because it is just a giant jumbled mess because of all the languages and all of the elders cannot sing on pitch to save their lives and I can't help but just laugh every time we sing a hymn. I just imagine Grandma Jarvis's face looking around at those Elders with absolute disgust written all on her face. 

Guess what I already have a calling! My companion Sister Mussman and I have been called to be Sister Training Leaders!!! So basically we are in charge and responsible for all the sisters and basically we are just supposed to love them and help them with whatever and I love it! These Sisters are amazing and some of them have made huge sacrifices to be here and they come from all over the world and WOW they are amazing. Such great examples and I learn so much from them every day. So basically I have just been called to love them to death! 

My companion is the sweetest thing in the world. We have become really close already and I love her to death! The minute I met her I was very humbled because she is just that amazing. She has such a kind spirit but also we can joke around and have fun together and laugh and we both laugh at everything so sometimes that isn't good haha because we can get distracted. hahaha but did you pray for laughter???!!! Because seriously it is the best ever. She is amazing and I AM SO GRATEFUL THAT SHE IS MY COMPANION!!! Oh yeah and guess what she is the girl I was talking to on facebook also! How cool is that!! I love her to death!!! And I hope I get to be companions out in the field sometime because that would be amazing. We work really well together!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD AND GRANDMA RANCK! You guys my dad buys my family presents on HIS birthday and he even sends his mom flowers on HIS birthday too. Life Goal: Be like my dad. Love you daddy!

SANTA EXISTS! Here is the proof: Zechariah 1:8; 2:6

Oh and some of my other new favorite scriptures that have really changed my life..... 

Proverbs 21:19
Ecclesiastes 4:11

Yup. We sure know how to have fun at the MTC.

Okay so here is a look at life in the MTC via schedule... (they pronounce schedule.. Shedule... yes. shedule. no "c.")

630 wake up.
7 breakfast.
730 personal study
830 prepare to teach investigator
10 or so.. teach investigator and it is recorded then we go watch it.
11 exercise. We go play volleyball and oh boy it is one big giant mess I tell you.
12 lunch
after lunch consists of classroom time/companion study/teaching investigators
6 dinner
7 more classroom and study and such.
930 snack time
1030 lights out... okay lets be real we suck at going to bed on time so that usually ends up being like 1115. But we try and that's all that matters right?

The days are very long but at the same time there is not enough time to get everything done and in just one week from now I will be in London.... CRAZY.

Okay funny story time. Sister Mussman and I had our first lesson with an investigator on Saturday... and oh boy Friday and Saturday were very stressed and overwhelmed because I was feeling very humbled by my inability to teach. And already we were having to teach an "investigator..". (our investigators are our teachers.. but they are great actors and pretend like it never happened outside of the lesson..) and so we were stressed out about this lesson even though it is practice and not real... it sure feels real. like they even have rooms with couches and pictures and stuff like a house does. 

So we go in to teach Tebogo.. he's from south Africa and we are doing okay.. I was feeling the Spirit at least so that was good! So we were teaching him how to pray and he asked if he could show us how he prays so we said sure... So he puts his hands in the air and starts yelling this chant about praising Jesus and it was the most bizarre thing I have ever heard in my entire life... So after trying to hold in my laughter for like 6 seconds... we both start hysterically laughing in the middle of his prayer so hard and we couldn't stop!! Like seriously he finished and was like "I don't understand what is so funny!" and we COULD. NOT. STOP. LAUGHING. TO SAVE. OUR. LIFE. Let's just say that the Spirit just went right out the door and it became a total disaster!!! hahahahahhahahaha but I am so glad that that is how our first lesson went because we sure needed a stress reliever!!! It was awful... Imagine if it would have been a real investigator..... 

But I am literally laughing thinking about it because it was the most embarrassing thing but most hilarious thing in the entire world. AND the investigator is our teacher and HE NEVER EVEN BROKE CHARACTER ONCE. Wow I would be a terrible investigator.... Cause I laugh to much.

But seriously pray for laughter sometimes. It is my favorite thing to pray for. 

The MTC is basically a fairytale.. outside our window is this giant pond!!! AND THERE ARE SWANS IN THAT THING. REAL SWANS. Well actually the swans haven't been here since I've been here but no fear. I have been praying that the swans will feel comfortable at the MTC. Well.... After I said that prayer I soon found out that one of them got stuck in the fence and died........ sooooo... ummm... well.... I STILL BELIEVE. 


^^^^ the above is a sentence in Italian and I will leave it to you to translate... This message is directed to Thomas and Adam... Oh and Kasan....... Good luck.

I can't even tell you how many pen marks I find on my clothing every day. How do they get there? I don't know. Torn up I tell you... Torn up.

It's cold here but not like miserable cold, unless you are Melanie Ostler where even when it's warm and sunny, it is still miserable cold to her. But it's cold enough that the pond froze overnight....


Tomorrow we are going into Manchester to proselyte for a few hours!! Should be an adventure:)

As you can tell, I really do love it here and am having lots of fun. Today we had the opportunity to go to the temple and it was absolutely incredible. What a beautiful place to be.. The house of the Lord. 

Sunday was definitely my favorite day all week. It was fast Sunday and not only did I have the opportunity to fast, I had the chance to hear all of the testimonies of the amazing missionaries here. They all were in different languages but they were all so simple and powerful!! The Spirit was incredible. 

We also got to watch my favorite movie on Sunday afternoon.. AKA Joseph Smith: The Prophet Of the Restoration. Wow I was a bawling baby that whole 1.5 hours. Seriously. Joseph Smith was a prophet I know it and I wouldn't be here if I didn't know that truth for myself.

The first night here was amazing. As I was in my room with the 3 sisters I room with, we were all reading scriptures and writing in our journal and it was quiet and peaceful and the Spirit was powerful then I look over and see two of the sisters including my amazing companion on their knees.... That was such a powerful moment for me to see that. I can't help but think of all of the people who need what we have.. but don't know where to find it. Who are lost, and broken, and hurt, and scared, and overwhelmed, and everything else and how much they need the gospel!! I have such a special privilege to represent my Savior and share my testimony with a few of the thousands of people in England, and I feel completely honored. 

The Gospel is what makes me happy. I love it and I love being here. My testimony is very simple...... I know God lives. 

Thank you all for your incredible support. I was truly blessed with the best and have the most amazing teammates, friends, and family. Thank you for your emails and I'm sorry if I didn't get a chance to reply!! 


Onward and Upward.

Sister Ranck