29 January 2015

I am Officially in England!


I am officially in England and am currently wearing my missionary badge. WOOO!!!

The drive to the MTC took about an hour and there were 4 other missionaries with me... Literally. One sister from South Africa and the rest from the states! There are only 14 missionaries arriving at the MTC today and there are only 34 missionaries total here right now which is one of the lowest they have had in a while. But hey more personal time for me! ha. They usually average around 50 missionaries at a time!

I absolutely love it here! It is snowing like crazy (crazy as in like 1 inch... but it was sticking to the roads...) and they closed the airport down shortly after I arrived so it is a miracle I arrived when I did. There are only six of us here so far so everyone else has to go to a different airport then take a bus to Manchester. So they will probably be getting here really late.

Wanna know something crazy (well first of all this keyboard is really messed up and I cant do a question mark or an apostrophe and I am really picky about grammar and also when I type the "y" it is a "z" and vice-verse-a so this is throwing me off.) Okay well the crazy thing is.. well now I cant remember it because I got distracted by this stupid keyboard. I will tell you when I remember.

When we got here we met the MTC president and he is the kindest person ever!! Love him and his wife already! Holy cow sometimes I cant understand what the heck people are saying. The accent is definitely NOT the accent we pretend to have on accent Thursday.  ACCENT THURSDAY EVERYDAY BABYY!!!! So much stronger and I have to really focus sometimes to understand what they are saying. For example on the bus ride here the driver kept cracking jokes but us Americans couldn't tell what he was saying half the time so we would just laugh anyways to make him feel good. And holy cow he was a scary driver... First off its on the wrong side of the road and its snowing outside and sticking to the roads and the second when he would have 2 feet of space he would speed up then slam on his brakes when we got close to a car. I'm surprised we didn't run right into one. God is watching out for us.

The Preston MTC is absolutely beautiful and the temple is beautiful also! A lot smaller than I thought, but we get to go next week!!! WOO! We can go walk around it later today if we want so Im excited for that.

OH I remembered the crazy thing!!! Currently in England it is noon, which means its 5 in Utah... So basically I just pulled an all-nighter. I slept okay on the flight over here.. Maybe three hours. Im sure I will be feeling the jet lag tomorrow. This just feels like one looooooonnnnng continuous day... It should be Wednesday still but NOPE. Jokes on you Sister Ranck. Still getting used to that name...

Well looks like all that piano I practiced before I left will be coming to good use already... I am playing the piano at orientation tonight at 4... Now I'm getting worried! A first impression is everything! Nah just kidding I could care less about that. None of the boys are cute anyways. haha well not that I've seen.  DANG YOU SARA KEEP YOUR HEART LOCKED! ........ ha .......

I love it here already and I cant wait to get to work and start learning all I can! We find out who our companion is tonight! I'm excited for that. I'm sure she will be amazing!!!

Literally, the Brits say literally literally all the time... literally, and every time they do, I cant help but literally lol. Okay I hate it when people say lol. So just know that that was a joke. lol.

Okay enough of the rambling, this email was just supposed to let you know I got here safe but I went a lil overboard because I just love you all too much.

I literally love you all like crazy.

Sister Ranck

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