10 February 2015

Going to London Baby!

GOING TO LONDON BABY. THAT'S RIGHT!!! It is currently 6 am here in beautiful England which means it is like 11 in Utahhh. But we were up super early today because we are driving to LONDON!!! WOW WHERE I WILL BE A REAL LIFE MISSIONARY AND WORK WITH REAL LIFE PEOPLE AND NOT FAKE INVESTIGATORS!! NOW I REALLY CAN'T LAUGH IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LESSON. GREAT. I'M IN BIG TROUBLE.

So we had the opportunity to go to Manchester last week to go finding for a few hours..... Uhhh yeah so it was basically amazing. I was companions with Sister Zhu for that because she is learning English and is from China. Oh my heavens she is adorable.

OKAY. Here is the run down from my time in Manchester.....

So first off we walked up to this guy... turns out he was blind.. but we couldn't tell so we start talking to him, then he was like wait who are you? And we said Missionaries!!! Then he was like oh.. then walked away. UMM HELLO YOU NEED JESUS. 

Some lady told me on the train to read and pray about the Koran to see if it was the word of God.... uhhhhhh GIRL DO I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU!

So basically we went to this park in the middle of the city where people were walking around on their lunch break and such. So majority of the time people would avoid us... So guess what we did. We would just go sit by them on the bench and TRAP THEM. Muahaha can't run now.

Okay but on the real that was an incredible experience and I actually gave out two BookS of MormonS (Thomas lol.) and the restoration pamphlet and there were two ladies that I talked to who were super interested.

One lady we trapped on the bench, I was just talking to her having a normal conversation about what she's doing there and she said she was trying to find a job and has an interview today.... UMM PERFECT. So naturally she asked me who I was cause you know the badge and stuff... so I told her all about us and about Joseph Smith and how there is a living prophet on the earth and especially how God can help her find a job and really loves her and oh my she was the sweetest thing ever and the Spirit was so strong and I am feeling the Spirit so strong right now as I type this because oh my I only talked to her for like 20 minutes but I already love her so much!!!! So I gave her a Book of Mormon and she was looking through it and asking me questions and really wanted to know more. UMM I WAS LIKE YES. (Kasan). But pray for Rachel!!! Like seriously!! She was the sweetest thing EVER and I hope she gets to meet with the Missionaries in Manchester!!
My District.  We are all looking at our own cameras
and that is why we are all looking at different places.  HaHa

So a member of the 70 came last week to speak with us and it was amazing!!! I honestly do not remember anything he said because we learn so much here that I can't even keep it straight. But I remember the Spirit was strong and I took good notes soooo..... BUT. My district (whom I adore) did a musical number that we have been practicing all week! Guess what we call ourselves... The Band of Lehi (cause our district name is Lehi.) But get it... like the "Book of Mormon" or "Brother of Jared".... "Band of Lehi".... hahahha missionary humor. We thought we were hilarious. 

I have a new proselyting approach......
DO YOU WANT A BOOK OF MORMON???! I PROMISE IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! (sung to the tune of do you want to build a snowman. there is more to it but you will have to #staytuned.) Yup we have fun at lunch.

Sooooo apparently everybody outside of America says that they think America is trying to take over the world with MORMONISM. WELL I SURE GOT NEWS FOR YOU!!! Actually did you know that there are more members outside of the US than there are in? #truefact. And also... people think we sacrifice REAL ANIMALS in the temple. And also that we pay Mitt Romney to go on a mission and that is why he is so rich..... Uhhhh... Want a Book? It's free!

CHECK THE ENGLAND MISSIONARY TRAINING CENTER FACEBOOK PAGE TO SEE A VIDEO OF ALL THE MISSIONARIES SINGING THE EFY MEDLY OF SISTERS IN ZION AND ARMIES OF HELAMAN. Sister Mussman and I since we are the Sister Training Leaders had to plan a musical activity for Sunday so we learned that song and recorded it!! Don't expect anything amazing because we kinda suck as a choir actually.... But we only had 45 minutes to learn it so we did pretty well I guess!!!! But go check it out. 

These are the boys in my District...They are HILARIOUS!
Okay before I came here I had a strong testimony... But oh my heavens I didn't realize how strong it was until I came here!!!! So the other day we were doing a role play... we do those a lot.. and Sister Mussman and I were teaching one of our teachers and he was bringing up a concern about some weird things he heard that we did in the temple.. My comp handled the situation really well and eventually we told him that well if he wants to know he needs to ask God about it. He said.. "You are really going to trust God with this?" and in that moment with no hesitation we both said "absolutely." I absolutely know that God is real. I absolutely know that God will answer your prayers. I absolutely that this church is true, and we have a living prophet today. Absolutely. No doubt in my mind. That moment kind of took me back with how I responded and it solidified my testimony. You don't realize how strong of a testimony you have until it is questioned or tried. AMEN to that right there.

Oh my Heavens I love
President and Sister
Preston.  They are the
sweetest people you will
ever meet.
"Because we have been given much we too must give." Do we understand the significance of the Gospel? What it really means to know that there is a God and that he loves us and can help us in our lives? Do we understand the importance of the restoration and the knowledge that we have a living prophet today??? Sometimes I don't think we realize how incredible that knowledge is. But I am starting to realize that more and more. We have a knowledge of great importance that people are searching for, that people don't know where to find. So OPEN YOUR MOUTH. Share it because there is someone out there that needs it but just doesn't know where to find it.

Also...... I think what makes us unique as missionaries and as a church is that we aren't trying to convince people to believe us. As missionaries we are INVITING people to find out for themselves by asking God. And I KNOW THAT GOD WILL ANSWER THAT PRAYER. So I am asking you now... to not take my word for it... But to ask God yourself if it is true. Because He is the only one that can give you an answer to that question.

Thank you for your prayers. I really do feel them. I pray for you every day as well!!!!! 


God Speed.

Sister Ranck.

Sara's Missionary Plaque now on display in the hallway of our Ward

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  1. I hope you'll get the chance to enjoy London's lovely sights when you're not too busy making the world a better place. I can honestly tell that you are genuinely thrilled for that new venture. I'm sure you'll have loads of fun. Thanks for sharing that, Sara! Take care! :)

    Clifton Johnson @ Insuring theProduct