17 August 2015

Member Missionary Work.....Dun Dun Dun.

I now can honestly say that I know what it feels like when missionaries say that on their missions they have never been happier...... That is exactly how I have felt all week. Ask Sister Haynie... At least like seven times per day I just will randomly say.... "Gosh I love being a missionary!!!!" The more consecrated I become, the more I learn about the gospel, the closer I feel to God and the happier I am.


Seriously I cannot get over how much I love it. It is super hard... and as I shared last week, the first 6 months was a major testing period for me, but so many blessings are now pouring in it is amazing. President Stevens said something that I loved and that I really feel on such a deeper level now.... he said... "Show the Lord your diligence and consecration and then He will bless your obedience with miracles." We have seen so many miracles this week, one that I am super excited to share at the end of this post:) STAY TUNED.

This week was FANTASTIC. Despite the rain and getting soaked.... running to catch the train and literally jumping on the last second before the doors closed.... my new shoes giving me blisters.... It has been GREAT! I love it so much! Oh, also, we are going to be getting bikes!!! WOO. Haha not sure how I feel about that yet! haha but one thing is for sure, we will be able to be soo much more efficient now.

I LOVE THIS WARD. Last night we called President and Sister Stevens to tell them about a miracle we had, and after I was like, "President we are seeing so many miracles here in Gillingham! I can't leave!" haha.... and he was like, "Oh well looks like we will have to keep you there for awhile!"

YES. We are seeing so many miracles and are in the beginning stages of so many great things that I can't leave it yet!!!! Haha well only time will tell.... There is only 2 weeks left of the transfer already... Time is seriously FLYING. I love Sister Haynie too!!! We are having fun together:)

This week we had an appointment with our new investigator named Remy. She is from Nigeria... (I think). She is SOOO great. We had a great first lesson with her and she is so excited to read the Book of Mormon! It was funny because we were going to read 3 Nephi 11 with her and we explained that
we would switch off reading, and that she could start, but she just kept reading and read the entire chapter by herself out loud. Haha... It was great:) She is coming to church next week!

So this week we had zone conference and it was soo good as always! I love going into London... even though the tubes are super smelly and you are just sweating being crammed into soo many people in those things. haha it is good though:) Zone conference was so powerful. We talked about the sacrament and the Spirit was so strong as we did. I am so incredibly thankful for my Saviour and the chance I have each week to remember Him, and commit myself to becoming more like Him. Such great power comes from that sacred ordinance.

The highlight of the conference was........ MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK...... dun dun dun. I hope you all feel a little guilty for not doing as much missionary work as you are because..... HELLO IT IS A COMMANDMENT THAT WE ALL ARE MISSIONARIES. So get to work and pray to know who someone is that you can invite to church/activities/family home evening/ family dinner/TO MEET WITH THE MISSIONARIES/etc etc etc!

Now to inspire you all.... here is a miracle we had from member missionary work this week. So on Friday we were looking at all of the investigators that we have committed to come to church on Sunday, and we were so excited! Well Saturday came around and as we called each one to confirm, slowly each one said that something came up and they weren't going to be able to make it. Well, we still had a few that were a maybe and we still had that hope and faith that they would come!

Well Sunday morning rolled around, and one more said that she couldn't and we were still holding on to this last person who said she could come. Well she came:) And that was great and still a miracle!

But now for the greatest miracle of all... We got to church and were chatting with the members, when
one of the members came up and said, "Sisters guess what! I invited this family that I met to church! I really hope they will come!" Yes us too Sister us too!

Well, 3 minutes before Sacrament meeting started, they came:) A family of 4!!!! The mom and dad, and two children ages 9 and 6!!! WOOO. They are from Nigeria, but have been living in Belgium for the past 10 or so years, and have just moved to Rainham 3 weeks ago! Sacrament meeting was great, (well it made me a little nervous because the talks were kind of weird and about some deep doctrine stuff.... haha. It is funny the different perspective you have at sacrament meeting when you take it from an investigators kind of view.) But of course the Spirit is always there:) And I guess they didn't really notice because they said they loved the service! The children went to primary while the mom (her name is Faith!) came to gospel principles with us, the class that we teach every Sunday for all of the new members/investigators. The dad had to leave, he lives in Belgium anyways and is only here for the week.

And oh my, gospel principles was SOO GOOD. She is amazing and was taking notes and everything! We talked about the restoration and the Book of Mormon, and we gave it to her and invited her to
President and Sister Stevens
read and pray about it, and she just said, "yes I will read and pray about it, but I already know it is true!!" And she accepted a baptismal date as well:)


I am so excited for this amazing family! They are soo prepared. We are going to see them in like 2 hours:) It is going to be great!!!!

New Converts Scott and Vicki
Sister Haynie and I are being blessed here in the Gillingham 2 ward. I love this work more than anything! I am so happy. On Saturday night we had a movie night with Scott and Vicki... two of the recent converts in the ward and we watched the Joseph Smith movie. I have never been touched so much by watching that movie as I was that night, and I have seen it like 10 times and cry every time of course, but this time it was different. My testimony deepened so much and my appreciation and love for the gospel has also grown, and watching the story about how the gospel was restored... goodness it sure got me this time and I couldn't help but think about how blessed I feel to have the blessings of the gospel. We have the truth. We have a complete understanding of our Savior, our Father and Heaven, and everything that we need to be happy in this life and in the next. My favourite time of day is the hour I get in the morning to study about these wonderful truths. I can't get enough of it. I love the scriptures so much!


This work is amazing.

Thank you for the love and support this week. I feel very loved.

Some videos: 

Marry had a little lamb video

Sister Ranck

Thanks Grandma Ranck for my Package
Sammy Look-a-Like
He even has the same expressions as Sammy

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