07 December 2015

Keep Christ in Christmas

Oh my this was probably the craziest week of my whole mission and looking back, only a person
with the help of God could have done everything that needed to be done this week! I am doing well and am very happy:) I just love the gospel so much and especially this Christmas season! And I sure do LOVE being a missionary! I cannot imagine my life anymore when I wasn't... It is weird!

This week I went on two exchanges, one with Sister Wilcox from Oregon and one with Sister Katranakova from the Czech Republic. They went well! I stayed in Ilford for one and then went to Southend for the other! You learn so much from these amazing sisters so I really love being able to go on exchanges!

Thursday we went to Hyde Park Chapel and got to drive through London with the zone leaders. Yes you should all be jealous because we took a weird way and got to go through lots of the beautiful back streets and posh parts of London and just WOW. I love this city. Today I am actually in London right now and we are going to see Buckingham Palace and lots of other sights! So yes, let me just reiterate the fact that I am in LONDON!! And I love it.

MLC was a crazy experience. It was all day on Thursday and it was really cool to see how a mission council works. I really felt the Spirit and the Lords hand as we discussed ideas, goals, and were trained by President and Sister Stevens, and each other. The longer I am on my mission the more I understand my purpose and the greater my desire to give absolutely everything that I have to this work. And after that meeting, I felt it even more. Something that Sister Stevens said that I really
loved was this, "Let your love for the Savior elevate your commitment to the work." I think that could be applied to many aspects of church service.

I am grateful for my companion, Sister Fenu, and her example of being all in as well!  Wow this work is the greatest!

Okay Saturday was probably the GREATEST day of my whole mission!!!!! First of all, we had zone training meeting and wow the Spirit there was SOOO powerful. Again, after that meeting I felt super United as missionaries and a greater desire to do this work in the most effective way possible. Sister Fenu and I also gave a training about why it is so important to use our time wisely on our missions and how we can do so. We really felt inspired to give this training and I think it went pretty well! It is crazy because a lot of the missionaries in the zone have been out less time than me..... That is a weird thought.

We also had a training on how to use the Christmas initiative! Have you all seen that?? If you haven't... WATCH it! And then SHARE it! We live in a very depressed world that needs the light of Jesus Christ! #asaviorisborn

Laisvis baptism dayyyy!
Okay and now for the best part of the week.... LAISVIS GOT BAPTISED!!! AND OH MY DAYS I THINK MY CHEEKS HURT FROM SMILING SO MUCH!!! Wow the Spirit was SOOO amazing there and Laisvis is so great!! AHHH. He was so happy all day! I sure love this kid! After he got baptized he turned to the guy who baptized him, said wow thank you, and gave him the biggest hug! My heart just melted it was so sweet!!!! Ahh it was such a wonderful day that I will never forget! He was just beaming afterwords. He is such a special person. Wow we are just so happy:)

This week I really felt the love of God. My life seriously is crazy right now but I love it so much. I am being pushed to many limits but I wouldn't be anywhere else!  I love seeing people accept the gospel. Nothing makes my heart happier! We had some great miracles this week and I am really looking forward to serving in this ward.

Jesus Christ is real. He know us individually and completely!



Sister Sara Ranck

The family that brought him into the church

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