14 March 2016

Don't keep it to yourself. Share it!

You guys........... Our friend "Mouses" (like Moses but Mouses....) had a family. Yup.. Our mice problems aren't over. And with the new exchanges, all the sisters come here and sleep on mattresses on the floor....! Oh, my days my life right now............!!! Hahaha.........

On Wednesday, we had zone conference, which is when 3 zones come together, and we have training. Well, there were over 50 missionaries at this zone conference, and Sister Epicoco and I gave a training on planning to teach people not lessons, with the focus being on how to plan to teach your investigators according to their needs. WELL....... We had finished the training on Monday when Tuesday morning came around and Sister Epicoco, after we ran in the morning, said to me... "I have received inspiration, and we need to use our mouse story in our training......" Umm, what??? Yes so she explained how it connects to our training (I'm not even going to attempt trying to explain to you because it just wouldn't work), and we definitely told the parable of our mouse to teach
all of the missionaries why it's important to teach people and not lessons..... Hahahahaha everyone was dying! Everyone loved it and afterwords President was like, "that was some parable!" Hahaha, he loved it as well and asked me to send him the picture of our mouse with the tulips. Oh, my days I still can't believe we used our mouse in our training. I think I will laugh for the rest of my life about that!

Soooo Rufina and Helder are doing well...! They need our prayers. They would be baptised today if they could, but we have had some problems come up, but I have faith that everything will work out!!!

We had another cool miracle this week. I met this Portuguese mother called Maria on the bus and got her number. So we called her on Tuesday morning and asked if we could stop by that day and boy that was a miracle!!! Her English isn't that great, but she told us that she just moved here and was looking for a Catholic Church originally, but then she met us and thinks that there was a reason she did. She is SOOO good and has two kids, and the whole family came to church!!!! I think God wants to build a Portuguese branch here in the Romford stake. We are meeting sooo many Portuguese people it is amazing!!!

Wow! It was a really great week:) Zone Conference was my favourite part of the whole week, though. We started the conference in the Hyde Park chapel and wow the Spirit was very powerful as President and Sister Stevens spoke to us and testified about the atonement of Jesus Christ. We watched this video of the last week of his life.... And I had never seen it in that much detail before and man I just lost it. I don't think there was a dry eye in the room as we watched our Savior suffering for every single one of us. It made me want to serve with greater faith and consecration in this amazing work so others can come to know and feel of His love for themselves.

We are so blessed to have a great knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ. DON'T KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. SHARE IT! And great great joy awaits you as you do. I LOVE this work with my whole heart and soul.

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Sister Sara Ranck

The Romford Zone

Brother Beasley

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