27 April 2015

I ♥ Mormon

I spy with my little eye................. BIG BEN. 
Big Ben off in the distance

Yup. Definitely saw Big Ben in real life for the first time this week. WOW the coolest thing ever! Sister Barbosa had to go to London to do some paper work before she leaves (ps: transfers is next week) and oh my I am in love with London. We were right in the heart of Central London.... Like all the touristy stuff. Trafalgar Square, Big Ben was a block away, big double decker red buses, red phone booths on every corner, it was basically the greatest ever. I hope I get to serve right in London some day!!! 

Sister's can play soccer too!
This week was a good week:) Spring has officially sprung in England and the England Country side is amazing..... We take the bus from Leighton to Aylesbury 3 times a week and drive through the countryside and I love it :) There are these huge yellow fields, I don't know what they are but they are everywhere! 

Also, last Monday we played football for P-day and it was sweet!!!! I was painfully sore for the next 3 days though... All of the Elders were surprised that a Sister could actually play.  Yep, I still got it! 

Beautiful Countryside
This week I have been amazed by how many people have had contact with the church before..... We are on the bus back to Leighton on Thursday and it was crazy... I was sitting next to a girl who told me that her best friend just got home from her mission a month ago. Then this guy on the other side of the bus was like, "hey I have a friend in Nigeria who is a Mormon!!!" Then this other guy chimed in and said, "Oh I have your book!! I met some missionaries in Luton 2 months ago and read the beginning of it!" We were like woah.... It was too much to handle at one time. hahaha it was seriously awesome.

God is in this work. He knows his lost sheep. It is truly incredible. I love feeling the guidance of the Holy Ghost every single day and I truly desire more than anything to do everything I can to have the Holy Ghost with me! We are so blessed to have this gift. 

I Love Mormon Double Decker Bus
For example, we didn't have any appointments on Thursday so we had a lot of time to do some finding in Aylesbury. Well, we met this African lady and she was like, "tell me about this book of yours!" Well okay! So we walked with her to go pick up her daughter from school... It was like a 30 minute walk to an area of town that we have never been to. Well the walk went well and we are seeing her again this week. 

This is trafalgar square! Some big museums are here
So we were out in this area of town and we pulled out our map to see where some less actives live around here, and we found some that were not too far away. So we started walking to try to see them. Well, we had no luck seeing them, and we rarely knock doors because it is not very effective here, but I felt very inspired to knock the doors on one street. So we did. 

A young guy answered and said that his grandad goes to our church, then his dad came to the door and was like, "Hey! I used to go to your church! I have even been to the temple to do baptisms and I used to go out teaching with the missionaries! My brothers both served missions and my whole family is active in Bulgaria!" 

Say What?????

The famous Red Telephone Booths.  I LOVE London.
It was crazy I tell you. INSPIRED. Well I don't know what will come out of it because he said that he was ex communicated when he was like 20, and he hasn't been back since (like 35 years ago). But he likes the church, just said it wasn't for him anymore. So sad! He said he might come one time to see everyone again. We both bore our testimonies and were really bold with him and encouraged him to read the Book of Mormon and pray.

Dinner at the Bishops House
I don't know what will come out of that or if he will ever come back, but that was just a super huge testimony builder that God truly knows his children. He knows where his lost sheep are and he hasn't forgotten about them. 

We had two investigators at church yesterday! Sabrina and Lewis:) Both are progressing well! That was Sabrina's third time and she is really enjoying learning! Her family won't let her be baptized though until she is married, so pray for her. 

Lunch with our District
Also, Lewis is doing really really well!! After church, a family in the ward "adopted" him and he spent the rest of the day at their home! Which we are very grateful for! We went there for dinner as well, and after we went for a nice Sunday stroll in the woods that are right outside their home. It was beautiful and I wish so bad I wasn't wearing a skirt so I could climb the trees and stuff. haha. Lewis is doing really well though and I am excited for him:) He truly is changing his life around.

A fun hike
We talk to so many people every day with so many different beliefs. Every time I do, my testimony is confirmed even more. I am never taking the gospel for granted again that is for sure. We are so blessed to be a part of the restored gospel! Revelation has not ceased. we have a living prophet who is God's mouth piece on the earth. This is the same church that Jesus Christ himself established when he was on the earth.

We are a blessed people.

Think about how your life has been blessed because of the restoration. As you do, I know you will feel as Lehi did, "a great importance to make it known unto the inhabitants of the earth."

Love you all and thank you for all of your prayers. 


Sister Ranck

PS iPads are coming this week. Be jealous.

The Castle where Batman was Filmed
Guarana.... some Brazilian soda that is 
basically the best soda ever.
Hey! I'm getting good at using these maps.
England Countryside. Doesn't do justice! 
Huge yellow fields everywhere.....

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