20 April 2015

We met someone who asked us "I have a question for you, what is this book and why do you have it?"

WHAT A GREAT WEEK TO BE SPREADING THE GOSPEL IN ENGLAND! Last week was just wonderful! The sun was shining, we moved flats, I have a great companion, we are teaching some great people right now, we saw many many miracles every day, AND I get to represent Jesus Christ. What could be better?? Oh, did I mention I am in England?? YUP. No big deal.

So yes, this week we MOVED FLATS!!! WOOO!!!! We moved on Friday and our new flat is super nice. Our last flat was pretty old, but this new one is super open and light and I love it:) 
Our new FLAT!  We love it (except for the spiders).
One of my worst night mares came true though... We live on the 3rd floor... AKA........... STAIRS. 

Also, after the first 2 days, we started noticing a lot of spiders everywhere on the ceilings and walls and stuff...... right before we went to bed...... and these are not normal spiders. They are big dark
This is Malcolm.  He is investigating the Church
brown ones that are like the size of a nickel. Spiders don't really scare me much, but when you can stand in one room and can see 5, I start to get a little paranoid.... haha. Luckily Sister Barbosa is brave and is from Brazil and killed all of the ones that we could see...Then when we were spider hunting I saw this huge one in the kitchen, bigger than a quarter and it kinda freaked me out. Then when I went to check back like a minute later and it was gone and we still haven't found it..... yeah that huge thing is somewhere in our kitchen. Lovely. 

We found out some semi cool news this week....... On the monthly calendar for the mission, on the 28th it said, "save the date" and we have all been wondering what this mystery date is all month. So President finally decided to spill the beans on Saturday night and we had a mission wide conference call to find out what this day was all about....... He told us that we are having some general authorities come on that day (Elder Nielson... no not the member of the Quorum of the 12.. the guy in conference who spoke about the prodigal son. And then one of the area authorities...)........ 
Dinner with the Elders at our Ward Mission Leader's Home


YUP. no big deal. 

So in two weeks our mission will officially be an ipad mission. BOO YAH! Don't ask me any questions about them yet because I honestly have no idea at all.

I know I keep saying that every week is the best week, but this time I mean it. I seriously LOVE being a missionary more than anything!!!!!

We had an awesome lesson with this guy called Kenneth last week!!! He is from Nigeria and has such a strong faith in God already just like all Africans do:) They are the best ever I'm tellin yah. But we met him on the street and showed him the
We have dinner with them every Wednesday night
Book of Mormon, and he was like, "I have never heard about this book. Tell me about this book." ......Yeah we can do that... So we set up a time to meet with him later that week.

He is so funny... We met him at the chapel and when we started the lesson he was like, "I have a question for you, what is this book and why do you have it?" So we taught him about the restoration and when we started telling him about Joseph Smith, the Spirit was so strong! After I felt inspired to ask him what he was feeling right now, and he said, "I am feeling that what you are telling me is the truth." I just wanted to scream, "YEAH IT IS!!!!" When he said that I was so happy  and excited! The Spirit was so powerful. He asked us then if he could say a prayer, so we all knelt down, and he asked if we could all hold hands in a circle... uhh yeah sure! Let's just say African prayers are my favorite ever.

He was unable to come to church on Sunday but we will be seeing him later this week:) I can't wait!
Our Ward Mission Leader

We are also teaching this girl called Sabrina.. she is so great! She has come to church twice now and really loves learning about the Gospel and Jesus Christ! I absolutely love teaching her, and she is the fastest learner I have ever taught so far. Ah I just love her so much! So she really wants to be baptised, but her mom won't let her until she moves out of the house and gets married..... so pray for her and that her families hearts will be softened.

God always has the best plans for us. Seriously. We will plan our whole day then things always go wrong so God's plans can always fall into place. It is amazing! The power of good planning in missionary work.... 

Okay here is an example. So last Tuesday we were supposed to be going to Aylesbury to teach Rodrigo, but he canceled last minute because something came up, so we were like okay.... and we called an investigator called Lewis. I asked him if he could meet us in 10 minutes at the park and he agreed!!!!!! 

Cute member of our ward checking out how it feels
to wear a Missionary name tag
Okay background on Lewis, the weekend before that we were supposed to see him 3 times, but we were unable to get in touch with him all three times, so we were way sad. We met him the week before that and he said that he really wants to follow God and has always wanted to be baptized.... He is 24 and has 2 children. He has had a rough past and said that he really wants to kind of restart and make new friends. 

So we got to see him on Tuesday night super last minute and we had a really good lesson with him!!!! That was such a miracle because we have been trying to get in touch with him all weekend..... He is super great and I am looking forward to what the next month will bring:) He is just so great!!

We went to a members home on Sunday night for Dinner and she is from Angola and oh my it was the greatest ever!!! hahaha I am dying just thinking about it... And people say I am loud......... ha. She
Two adorable future missionaries
has two darling girls, one is 10 and the other is 4, and both of them said they wanted to serve missions. I gave them my badge to wear and they were pretending to be missionaries and teach each other the gospel and it was the cutest thing ever. We told them that they could be missionaries right now, and I gave them each 2 CTR rings. One for themselves, and the other to give to a friend!! 

I don't think I have told you all about a recent convert called Lena yet. Lena is anorexic... Really really bad. We go see her every week and seriously every time I see her it just breaks my heart but I just love her so much it is crazy. She is always feeling rubbish and has such a hard time coming to church and going out in general. She is only 21 as well... The gospel has literally saved her life. When she met the missionaries a year ago, she was in such a low place. She has been anorexic since she was 12, and when she got to be around 18 or so, she turned to drinking to "escape"
This cute family in our Ward had us over for dinner
rather than fight it. She said that there was one day that she was in town and sitting on the steps crying, and that is when she met the sisters. Ever since then her life has changed. She was baptized like a month later and she has such a strong testimony! 

So she still is very very anorexic and she said as far as anorexia goes is the worst she has ever been... We see her every week and last week when we saw her she was doing terrible. So as we were talking with her and she was explaining to us how she was feeling, she kept saying that she knows Jesus Christ is real, but she has a hard time seeing that the atonement is for her. She is struggling with seeing a better future and REMEMBERING who she is because she has dealt with this for so long,  and is just really struggling to find that strength. She is FORGETTING who she really is. 

She was FORGETTING who her God was. She was FORGETTING who we are all destined to become. 

I have been thinking about that all week and the importance of REMEMBERING who we are and who our God is. I can't remember who, maybe Ezra Taft Benson, but one of the Prophets said that the most important word is to REMEMBER. 


Just think about that this week. Why is it so important that we REMEMBER our Savior? Why do we renew that promise every week when we partake of the Sacrament? Read Moroni 10:3 and 2 Nephi 25:23-26... 

This week let's all try a little better to REMEMBER who we are and who we are destined to become. To REMEMBER who our God is. And to REMEMBER our Savior Jesus Christ. 

Thanks for the birthday gifts!  I love them.

Don't take for granted the Book of Mormon.

I promise that if you do, you will always be able to stand strong against the trials of the day.

I love you all and thank you so much for all of the support and love!


Sister Ranck

PS Shout-out to my cute gramps!!! AKA HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! We are both turning 20 soon:) WOOO!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

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