25 January 2016

I love this work and I love my Savior!

Hyde Park Chapel
Just so you all know, this Thursday the 28th of January it's my birthday!!!! Okay not really but I will Ahh I'm kind of freaking out about this fact right now! It's come way too fast!!! Wow. Looking over this year I literally have no words. My time here in England I will cherish for the rest of my life!!! I'm tellin yah.... Serving a mission is the best thing you could ever do. I love this work and I love my Savior!
have been out a whole year......

Today we took a nice stroll through central London.... No big deal! We went to the Sky Gardens which is this place that overlooks all of London.. That was incredible!! And we went to Harrods..... Ahh oh my days that place is ridiculous. I don't even think the word "posh" can adequately describe it! Yes it was fun just roaming through London today! I LOVE London!!!!!

This week I got to go to Gillingham on exchange!!! Ahh I love that place! And get this.... I was with Sister Wright who knows my girl Kasandra Anderson from my UVU team (oh and shoutout to Kassan for getting hitched... Sorry I don't know your new name!! Freaking stoked for you girl!) and also I definitely played against Sister Wright in Club Soccer! Small world. Well being in Gillingham was SWEET and it was so fun to see some old faces and to see how well the people I have worked with are doing!

Sister Wright, and My Girl Mara, and me
We went to see a less active that I taught the last week I was there and she is now fully active and preparing to go to the temple!! That was exciting.... ALSO I GOT TO SEE MY GIRL MARA!! Flipping heck we both about died when we saw each other!!!!! She was like... "Ah I never thought you would be sitting here in my house again!" When I come back to England she will be the first person I visit!!! I freaking love that girl!! Also, I called and talked to Clayton who is the one who got baptised on December 31 that I taught!!! AHHH he is doing so great and thanked me for helping him to discover his faith!!!! Wow that felt good! He said that lots of his friends have recognised the changes in him. He is doing sooo well:) Dang Gillingham is such a hard area but wow I sure LOVE those people!!!!!!

This week was a great week. We had interviews and a WORLDWIDE mission broadcast this week!
The top of the Sky Gardens
This was the first time in over 10 years that they have had a broadcast with all of the missionaries in the world, and they said that now that things are settling with the age change they are going to train us on how to help people become truly converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The title of the broadcast was this.... "Teach repentance, baptise converts." It was amazing being so united as Gods army to receive council from the missionary department and quorum of the 12 about how to help bring souls unto Christ! Wow the Lord is in this work.

Also, Interviews was absolutely FANTASTIC. We had a chance to be interviewed by President and Sister Stevens and oh my they are both the most incredible people! I LOVED my interview with Sister Stevens. She is amazing and I hope I can be as humble and loving as she is some day. She has had such a huge impact on my life already!!!!

This morning I was studying in Jacob chapter 5 and 6. After Zenos and Jacob are telling us what is going to happen in our days.... The last days.... He exclaims in Jacob chapter 6:5.....

"I beseech of you in words of soberness that ye would REPENT, and come with FULL PURPOSE OF HEART, and cleave unto God as he cleaveth unto you. And while his arm of mercy is extended towards you in the light of the day, harden not your hearts."

Wow I love that scripture so much. It made me think of my own life as a disciple of Christ..... In what ways am I being half hearted? Am I striving to repent and change every day? Am I truly cleaving unto God?

I challenge you all to ask yourself those same questions. How can you COME UNTO CHRIST more fully this week?

I love this work with my whole heart and soul.

Thank you for your faith, prayers and support!

Here are some fun videos:

Click here for Beautiful England
Click here for a ride in the Tube
Click here for the Sky Gardens
Click here for the view from the Sky Gardens


Sister Sara Ranck

The Sky Gardens from the Bottom

Sister Missionary Barbie!

We found the cutest little area in Ilford!

An old Church of England church

This is Farhat. The Elder baptised her!

Oh... hey "Sister Jensen" ....

Sister Mathews and Sister Mcfarland

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