01 February 2016

"When I first heard the gospel it was as if my heart was set free!"

Sister Powell from Liverpool
Guess what!!!!!! TOBA GOT BAPTISED ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!! ............And so did Dave's phone........... Poor guy forgot to take it out of his pocket when he baptized Toba! Hahaha..... Nonetheless, it was a beautiful service, and I felt the Spirit very strongly. This was the first time I have found someone, taught them, and saw them be baptised. The Lord sure has been preparing him for a long time, and I feel very blessed to have been a part of his journey! He bore his testimony as part of the program, and the first thing he said was this..... "I am so happy! When I first heard the gospel it was as if my heart was set free!" Ahh so proud of that guy. He is amazing! Yes that was a day I will never forget:)

Other than the baptism, not gonna lie my week wasn't the greatest! But that is okay because they can't all be amazing! But I am still happy and still LOVE being a missionary!!!!!! :) Sister Fenu and I are pretty much starting from square one now because all of the people we have been working with have decided to disappear this week. So this week will be lots of finding! I am so grateful for Sister Fenu though! I absolutely LOVE this girl and am so sad that there are only 2 weeks left of the transfer!!!

Oh yeah, guess what else happened this week.... All day Sunday I was sick. It was horrible. I have never been sick on my mission to the point where I had to stay home and of course it had to be the Sunday where Toba got confirmed. Seriously I felt so bad! We stayed in all Sunday, and I basically slept all day long....... Toba texted us after he got confirmed and said, "I just had the laying on of hands!" Haha bless his heart.

After church, and after making fun of us for still having our Christmas tree up, the Elders and one of the members brought us the sacrament and afterwards Elder Van Den Broek from Holland gave me the most beautiful blessing. That really meant a lot that they would come and do that for us. Lots of people from the ward were calling to check up on us as well. Goodness being sick on your mission is the worst!!!!!!! But there is always a reason.

I also went on two exchanges this week both with brand new missionaries! Wow, that was crazy to think that just a year ago I was a brand new missionary too. Man what is time...... I wish I was them!!!!!

I love everything about being a missionary. I love the ups, and I love the downs. I love my Saviour. I
love telling people how much I love the Book of Mormon..... That is probably one of my favourite things! I hope you are all seriously studying that incredible book for it truly contains everything we need to be happy.

We are so blessed!



Sister Sara Ranck

Elder Jensen from California

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