18 May 2015

"Hey, are you Mormons?" Yes we sure are!

Sara's picture on the board at Brighton Seminary
Helllooooo! It was a great week once again! I was super exhausted this week though and took a 2 hour nap this morning... And sometimes we take lunch hour naps which are always my favorite! Nevertheless, the Lord has blessed us this week as always and I love being a missionary:)

I don't know why but this week I have had a sudden urge to just sit and watch Disney movies all day long. We were with Helena on Friday and we talked about our favorite Disney movies and then on Sunday we had dinner at the Wall's and they are crazy Disney fans and we always talk about Disney stuff when we go there, and now I just want to watch a Disney movie really bad. Haha too bad I have to wait until Christmas! 

Welp, Thursday was a GREAT day!!! It also rained ALL DAY long and I have now discovered that my favorite boots have big cracks in the bottom already.... My feet were soaked all day. Lovely. Gotta love the missionary life:)

Seriously though... Thursday was a great day full of miracles:) It started off with district meeting which is always the greatest ever. I love being able to gather with other missionaries and especially be able to learn from their experiences and examples. Then we always leave with a renewed strength and enthusiasm for the work! 

A memorial to all the soldiers who
fought from Leighton Buzzard in wars
After district meeting we had a lesson with a former investigator called Joelle at the Library. We met him last week... we walked into the library and he called us over and said, "Hey, are you Mormons?" Yes we sure are! He told us that he used to meet with Mormons a while ago and went to our church for a long time. So we met with him on Thursday and it went pretty well! He said that he has read the Book of Mormon and has done a lot of research about our church and knows it is true already!!! Say what....?? He wants to pray about whether or not he is going to be baptised. He came to sacrament meeting on Sunday as well:)

Right when we were about to end our lesson with Joelle, this lady came up to us and asked if we were doing bible studies....... welp looks like we are going to start. So we are seeing her this Thursday for "bible studies!!" AKA Book of Mormon studies!! I am way stoked. 

Later that evening, we were going to the chapel to meet Shannon and we were a little early so we decided to knock a few doors. We knocked on one and a lady answered and kindly said that she was not interested, so we asked if she knew anyone who would be interested in a
message about families. She thought for a minute then pointed to a house across the street a ways

down, and said that they might. So we continued knocking all the doors leading up to them
We walk on this bridge almost every day
God loves everyone, and then we got to their home and a lady answered the door. She looked at us and said that she doesn't want anything to do with religion and that she is an alcoholic and our religion doesn't believe in alcohol. I responded by saying, "Do you believe in alcohol?" Ha yeah that was the first thing that popped into my head...... The conversation eventually led to her asking, "How can religion help me?" I was able to bear my testimony of Jesus Christ in response to her question and asked if we could share a quick video with her. She had a change of heart and motioned for us to come in. 

We ended up being there for like 45 minutes and she said that two boy missionaries have come around a few times and she always says no but has thought to come to church a few times.... She has had a rough life over the past few years and we shared the Mormon Message "None were with Him." Sister Obley shared a powerful testimony and personal experience as well which really brought the Spirit. It was just cool to see how much her heart softened as we were there. Before we left she said that she wanted to come to church and feels like we can help her. Such a miracle!

This one day we both wore all black...
 how embarrassing. ha
Okay I love the Book of Mormon. I have started to read it again from the beginning and I am in love with it. Seriously. If you have it just sitting on your shelf, pick it up. Read it. Ponder it's message. Study it. Search it for answers. If you have not had a spiritual experience with the Book of Mormon in the past few days, I plead with you to pick it up and turn to it with new eyes and a new heart. So much went into sacrificing for this record so we can have it in our day! So we can have it in our hands. I truly love the Book of Mormon and feel very privileged to carry it around with me all day long in my hand! There was one day where I had given my last one away and I just felt incomplete. 

I know that it is true. I know that it is the word of God. I second Joseph Smith's statement that man will get nearer to God by abiding by it's precepts than with any other book. 

I love you all! I love this work and I love this gospel that we are so blessed to be a part of.


Sister Ranck

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