25 May 2015

If Nephi can collect the plates, so can you.

What another beautiful week in "sunny" England!!! I'm tellin yah the weather is so bipolar here. I took a picture of the sky to prove it to you..... But you will have to wait till next week to get it because I am writing this on my iPad because the library is closed today... Which means no way to send pictures. Sorry about it!
It is always awkward when you are talking to someone and they ask you for your name and you look at your badge and say, "Sister Ranck" then they say, "No, your first name...." So you hesitantly tell them then they insist on calling you by your first name for the rest of the conversation.... "Excuse me, but who is Sara?"

Another funny story..... We were at a members for dinner yesterday, and when we finished, one of the boys said to his older brother, "If Nephi can collect the plates, so can you." ......... ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I literally died of laughter.

Well, Thursday was a loooooooong day. I left the flat for a total of 4 minutes to take the rubbish out... Yup. Sister Obley was sick all day. I did like 2 hours of area book finding and making calls but you can only do so much of that, so then I watched all of the church DVDs we had in the flat literally from 1PM to bedtime....... Only took a few breaks to eat and stick my head out the window, but that was it! It actually was kinda nice for a bit, but then it made me realize how much I love walking the streets of England spreading the good news that God has restored his church and has a living prophet on the earth today!!! I love the gospel.

Oh my typing on an iPad is the most annoying thing everrrrr. Well almost as annoying as when some guy tells you that he has a strong faith in Jesus Christ but doesn't believe that Christ loves everyone
and would visit the people in America..... Or when someone tells you that your book is not true without even reading it..... Okay that last one is definitely the most annoying. If only they knew what they are missing!!!!!!!!
Sara sent Sammy 2 post cards.  He loves them.

Friday we had zone conference!!!! Always the best. I don't know why, but I always get picked on at zone conference haha. President Jordan asked me to come up and explain the first vision to everyone.... He did that to demonstrate how using videos on our iPad to teach the first vision and that the iPad should not replace the power of our personal testimony of Joseph Smith. I love sharing the first vision with people. There is so much power behind that experience and I can always feel the Spirit when I testify of Joseph Smith. Especially when I was standing up there sharing it with all of the other missionaries.

I know Joseph Smith is a prophet. I know that God restored His church back to the earth. I know the priesthood has been restored. How truly blessed we are to be a member of this great church!

Sister Jordan said something that I loved...... "Don't let Satan get in the way of you becoming the best missionary that you can be."  That can be applied to everything in life. DON'T LET SATAN GET IN THE WAY!!!!!! Goodness I seriously hate Satan.

Not gonna lie, the work here as far as numbers goes is pretty slow.... But no fear. God is preparing the hearts of many people here, now we just need to find them:) WE GON FIND YOU.

Bishop spoke yesterday in church and talked about how sometimes being a member of God's church isn't "convenient." He encouraged us to not be lukewarm in our testimony and our faith, to rise to a higher level of commitment.

May we all increase our efforts to do just that this week. DON'T BE LUKEWARM ANYMORE.

Love you all a whole bunch!!!


Sister Sara Ranck

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