13 July 2015

"Bible study?" or "let's ask these Mormons what they believe then try to prove them wrong."

This was such a crazy week!! It was a great week as well:) I JUST LOVEEE BEING A MISSIONARY. Seriously it is the greatest work EVER!!! And today it is raining and we are going to LONDON. Classic England I love it! Sometimes I still cannot believe I am in England.... CRAZY.

This week we were supposed to have interviews at Hyde Park but all of the tube drivers went on strike so the tubes were all closed in London... I cannot even imagine the chaos that must have caused there. So interviews have been rescheduled for this week.

Also this week I saw a guy wearing a U of U shirt... I had a mini heart attack when I saw that and immediately called him out. He was shocked that someone recognized it. His mom lives in Utah. Unfortunately he couldn't talk long but I got his number!!!!

We had district meeting on Wednesday and the Spirit was very strong and I just loved it and after I just felt really happy, so I said, "ah I just love you all!" to my district and everyone just kind of stared at me........ Haha it was funny.

On Tuesday night we went to an interesting "bible study" that just turned into a "let's ask these Mormons what they believe then try to prove them wrong with scriptures that aren't even translated correctly from the bible." Yeah it was kind of a waste of time as the meeting got no where. One of them is reading the Book of Mormon... But he is reading it with the intent to prove it wrong and he is unwilling to pray about it so he most likely will not get an answer. How sad. It was definitely a good experience though!! And just confirmed to me that this church is TRUE.

Friday I went on an exchange with Sister Rodriguez and it was great! I went to Watford which is a
big area and we had bikes!!! I felt like a real missionary riding those bikes. Haha it was awesome..... Well I loved it as we biked to the first appointment but after that my butt hurt so bad the rest of the day because those seats were the most uncomfortable things everrr. Haha but all is well:) we were able to see lots of great people so it was well worth the pain!

Saturday was Stake Athletics Day!!!! Oh my I am STILL sore. They had all the wards competing against each other in track and field events. It was an all day thing pretty much and I got forced to run the 1500...... And I also ran the 100. I took second In both.... Both about killed me. Haha I haven't sprinted like that since my last game probably. So yes using muscles I haven't used in awhile was fun. It's funny too how if we had an activity like this in the states everyone would have brought an American football or Frisbee to throw around... But here everyone brings soccer balls haha and everyone can actually kind of play so it was fun being able to mess around with a ball again. Holy cow I miss playing footb....... Soccer. It was a really fun day!!!!!!

On Thursday we had the opportunity to go to Donald's funeral....... Well that is an experience I could never forget even if I tried. Donald's brother also passed away 3 days after he did of cancer...... That poor mother. So the funeral was for both of them. It was held in an old Church of England church. Not gonna lie the church was kind of creepy cause it was really dark in there and stone floors and walls and an old graveyard outside.

I absolutely loved the experience.... (well it was a funeral but you know what I mean.) it was just such a beautiful service! There were like 150 people there and like 30 of us were white. The culture was unlike anything I have ever experienced and I am having a hard time coming up with the words to describe it to you. I guess what I can say is this... These people don't just go through the motions... They really feel Christ In their lives. And that love is evident in them. It was an unforgettable experience!

So many people from his family mentioned about how when Donald found God, his life completely changed. They mentioned our church and how much it had impacted him and changed his life for good. The Donald I knew was the most humble and kind and patient man. It was an honor to have known him. His brother just came up and gave me a big hug and thanked me for taking such good care of him. They had these rocks that everyone wrote a word or phrase or memory of something that reminded you of him. So in behalf of all of the Sister Missionaries I wrote...... "Can't leave Jesus Christ." I don't know why but that phrase will forever be imprinted in my heart. Heaven is lucky to have this incredible man!

This week was such a fantastic week. This next week is the last week of the transfer and I am 98% sure I will be transferred. This ward is amazing and I will miss the friends I have made here.



Sister Ranck

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