21 July 2015

It is moments like this that I know that God cares and loves each of His children...

Welp, last night I didn't sleep well that is for sure. And here is why.... I AM BEING TRANSFERRED. Guess where? GILLINGHAM. (not Gilling-ham... pronounced Gilling-um) And guess what else...... 


Stop.... Yes okay for those of you who don't know what that means I will be training a brand new missionary again and will find out on Wednesday who it is, AND we are both going to be new to the area so we won't know the area or the ward or anything. Holy goodness. They are pulling the Elders out of the area and we will be replacing them. Oh my goodness this will be one exciting adventure!!

I am going to miss Sister Obley
Oh my Sister Obley and I have become so close and I am going to miss her like crazy! Last night we went to the Sheppards again for Family home evening and it was the best! We were there when President called and told us that I will be transferred. Sister Obley and I both just cried! I love this girl! We have been told by a few members that we are the most hilarious companionship haha because she is so funny and we always are joking around with each other and gahh I am going to miss her!!!! She has taught me so much about how to have faith and patience in the Lord. She is such an example of that and these past 3 months have been amazing! It has been so much fun watching her turn into this bold and confident missionary! I am so proud of her. 

Friends from the Aylesbury Ward.  They will always hold a
special place in my heart.
I also am gonig to miss the Aylesbury Ward SOOO MUCH. Seriously. I feel like I am a part of the ward now and I love the members sooo much! Especially these past few weeks have just been full of activities and gah I am going to miss it. You just never think you are going to leave your first area and then it happens and now I get to start all over again! But I am super excited for the adventure!!!! AHH BEING A MISSIONARY IS SO GREAT I JUST LOVE IT.

This last week was the greatest ever. Seriously! And it started off on Monday going to LONDON. We went with Sister Rodriguez from Texas, Sister Mclchova from Czech Republic, Elder Zarse from Germany, and Elder Fanga from Tonga. We went to China town and we met a member from St. George who gave us each 20£. We also found a mini SUNFLOWER FIELD. And I just so happened to be wearing my sunflower shirt...
I love sunflowers!!
haha. AND oh my Big Ben is so beautiful. It was such a fun day:)

On Wednesday we were at Hyde Park all day for interviews which was great as well! President and Sister Stevens are so wonderful and so full of love! I will get to be with them again all day on Wednesday for the new missionary meeting! I have also been asked to do a training with another sister on the 12 week training program... hopefully it goes well.

Margaret's baptism
This weekend was just the best as well!!! Saturday was just a day of fun!!!! Starting with.... A BAPTISM. Yes the Elders investigator called Margaret got baptised! Oh my she is the most lovely woman and her journey started over 30 years ago when she first met the missionaries. She lost contact with them for many years until a few weeks ago she saw them in town and went up to them and told them to get in touch with her. Her baptism was one of the most beautiful moments! Sister Obley and I were there to give her the towel when she came out of the font, and with tears in her eyes, she said, "I want to do it again!" She then shared her testimony with everyone and it was one of the most beautiful and pure testimonies I have ever heard! Goodness I love the gospel so much.
Welp that was the beginning as the rest of the day we were at the chapel for first the family fun day which was a huge ward activity and there were tons of non members there as well! There were lots of activites and a barbecue and it was so much fun! Then after that, there was a farewell party for Luke and William who are both going on their mission the same day to the Scottland/Ireland mission. What are the chances of that! So we played tons of games and it was just the greatest day ever! Everyone was like... "Sister Ranck I didn't know you were so competitive!" hahahaha....
Family Fun Day
I seriously love this ward so much!!!! A Piece of my heart will always be in Aylesbury.

Okay I need to tell you about a less active that we have been working with here in Aylesbury. Her name is Theresa and she met the missionaries like 5 years ago. But since she has been a rollercoaster in her activity in the church. She has had a rough life as well and struggles in her faith. 

In my first transfer with Sister Hernes, (I think I told you this story but I am telling it again.) we were on our way to district meeting and our bus was like 40 minutes late... well we got to Aylesbury and were heading to the chapel when some lady stopped us and just kind of went off about life and how she is struggling. She even started crying to us as well. She told us that she was a member, and we shared a scripture with her and bore our testimony, got her number, and headed on our way. 

Well that was the start of her rebuilding her faith as she told us last week that she was having such a horrible day when we first met her and all day she had been praying for help in some way.... then she saw us. Since then, she has continued to struggle and has lost a child, has many health problems, etc etc etc. But we have built a friendship over the past few months and we have been able to help her to rebuild her faith and gain her testimony again and begin to come back to church. She said that there have been many times where she was really struggling when she got a
phone call from us, or we showed up at her door. It is moments like this where I really know that God cares and loves each of His children.

This woman is one of the most Christlike people I have ever met. She loves everyone and tries so hard to help out in any way that she can. I have loved getting to know her over the past few months. I wrote her a card and gave it to her on Saturday, then yesterday she texted us this...

"You made my day, my week, my year and I have never gotten close to any sisters before when I have been inactive. I feel so much better and happy and stronger to deal with things I am going to come back to church now 110%. That scripture, your note, and your message means so much to me. I know I waver in my faith, but I mostly do know that my Father in Heaven exists, and I know that Jesus Christ is my Brother and Saviour, and I know that he was a pure being who walked the earth with love, compassion, kindness, just every goodness going in His heart. I try so hard to live my life as he would and to base my whole being on how he would. What you said blew me away (I told her that she was one of the most christlike people I have ever met.) and I will stay strong. Thank you!"                                            
Big Ben in London!

Okay reading that made my heart so happy!!

I truly believe that one of the reasons I was in this area was to get to know her. I love her so much and she truly is incredible and such an example to us all that it is never too late. Christ is always there. 

I love this gospel with my whole heart. A scripture I have come to love is in D&C 90:24..

"Pray always, and be believing, all things shall work together for your good."



Sister Ranck

My friend, Malcom

Will Sheppard

Elder Romney

Anabell Wall and Eloise

The Sheppard family - they are hilarious!

Chinatown in London

Chinatown in London

I love Sister Jest

My girl Helena

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