06 July 2015

The Lord knows each of us individually - Wow isn't that an amazing thought!

GREETINGS. From cookin hot and humid England! Yes, it has been so hot here and we are outside a lot so you know me, i've got my SPF 10000 sunscreen. Gotta love it:)
This is Janice, who is a recent convert 
who I absolutely love....
Goodness, I am going to miss this ward!

Wow so much happened this week......! I love the Aylesbury ward so much. I am going to miss it when I get transferred... which will probably be in a few weeks. I love the missionaries I serve with here as well... Sister Obley, Elder Romney (From Mexico... but he is not Mexican.), and Elder Cowan (from Utah)! I love the members of this ward! I feel such a part of this ward and have made some amazing friends here:) I love it!

This week we got to meet our new mission president! President and Sister Stevens!!! Oh my heavens they are the cutest ever. They sure love us and this great work and the Lord. They are going to work great miracles here in the England London Mission!! I cannot wait to get to know them better this week at Interviews:) 

What I learned from Sister Stevens is just how much the Lord knows each of us individually. Wow isn't that an amazing thought! Goodness I love the gospel. 

President Stevens taught us from the scriptures about what it means to be a representative of Jesus Christ. That really got me thinking this week about the way that I talk to people on the streets, in their homes, and just everywhere I go. What an honor to represent my Savior. I am trying my best to do what he would do if he were here. I am trying my best to love and serve those around me so they can have an opportunity to feel of God's love for themselves. We are the Lord's hands. 
This is Sister Stevens
 my new Mission President's wife

Yesterday I (again) was asked to sing at a fireside in front of like 65 people. Oh my goodness... let me reiterate.. I am no soloist. This was an amazing fireside that one of the members put on. It was just for women and it was based on the 23rd Psalm... The Lord is my Shepherd. There were songs sung and poems read and slideshows of pictures that went with the songs and it was such a powerful and spiritual night. There were women from all different races, beliefs, and backgrounds, all gathered together as women to strengthen and uplift each other. 

I was the last singer and I sang "Here I am, Lord" which is a well known Christian song. I also sang it a-cappella........ I love that song so much now! I have never heard of it before now and it is one of my favorites. Such a beautiful message. We are the Lord's hands! We truly find the most joy when we are loving and serving those around us.

I saw this truth this week on Wednesday. We had two appointments in the morning that canceled, so I was pretty bummed about that, and that morning was just not a good morning for me and I was focusing to much on my inadequacies and weaknesses which was just making myself feel even worse and more frustrated with myself. That afternoon we
were asked by Janice if we could go and help her to paint a women's home who is really struggling. So we went home and put on our paint clothes and then for 2 hours I got to work and completely focus my mind on someone else, and loving these ladies that I was helping. That changed my whole day. I realized that I am happiest when I am thinking about others and serving rather than focusing on myself. I am grateful for that little reminder of service. And of being the Lord's hands.

As far as the work in the area, we have a few good investigators. Our great Chinese family.. Oh man that is a real struggle trying to communicate with them. We have enlisted the help of some Chinese missionaries and members this week! We also are teaching the cutest man named Paul who we met last week! Oh my he is the sweetest and he definitely will be baptized when I am gone. I am looking forward to seeing both of these people this week:)

Overall, it was a learning week. Many ups and downs, but this is the work of the Lord. I feel privileged to be a part of it. I feel the Lord shaping my life and my testimony into something so much greater than I could do on my own. 
This is Shannon, a recent convert.
She comes out teaching with us a lot.

CHALLENGE: Pray this week for opportunities to SERVE. Then throughout your day, LOOK FOR THEM. Then go and be the Lord's hands bless one of His Children:)


Sister Ranck

PS …..SHOUTOUT TO ALL MY SOCCER GIRLS. SO SAD THAT I COULDN'T WATCH THE WOMENS WORLD CUP BUT I HEARD THEY KILLED IT. Seriously 4 goals in the first 20 minutes or something in the World Cup Final? SO SICK.  If England would have won the semi’s, I still would have rooted for USA. Those are my girls:) hahaha! We used to watch clips of them playing at UVU so I know all the players….Hopefully I can watch a highlight video from a member or something........ ;)

PSS …...What shocking news with President Packer passing. What an amazing and inspiring man who literally died in the service of God. What great leaders we have. I sure love our prophet and the apostles. They are truly the Lord's chosen servants to lead us in these latter days. I love the Lord and I love this work. I feel very privileged to be serving with so many faithful saints all over the world.

Thank you Maddie and Emily!  Love you guys!

We sit in different rows on the bus
so that we can meet people to talk with

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