08 September 2015

I have been blessed with amazing companions who are my best friends out here.

Wow the beginning of a new transfer already! I cannot believe how fast time is flying. I love my
new companion already! And I am really excited to be staying in this ward:)

My new companion.  Sister Mathews from Nevada
MEET SISTER MATHEWS AKA MY STEP DAUGHTER: Welp she is amazing! And super quiet and sweet and innocent and basically the exact opposite of me in that sense.... poor girl haha. No but really we get along very well and I love her already:) She is a legit cowgirl from Nevada. She plays the piano really well and sings! Here is a Sister Mathews quote of the week: "Every night it's like I just die and then in the morning I am resurrected again...." Love this girl. I am very excited to be working with her! I have been blessed with amazing companions who are my best friends out here. Thank goodness for that!

I have learned this week that it is official... I bear my testimony, say prayers, teach lessons, and extend commitments while I sleep. 

I'm now a mother of three (my trainees) HaHa
We had zone meeting which is always fantastic:) There is one hilarious Elder in my zone... Elder Ramsay and he always will call me by my first name when he walks by me and I just never know how to respond.... haha seriously. Then when we were traveling on the tubes in London, it always gets so hot in there, so he says.... "I'm sweating more than two snuggling raccoons...." Oh elders. What the random. haha I love it!

Also, after zone meeting we all went to get a Kebab because there are Kebab shops everywhere in England. And I guess when you have a Kebab for the first time you get "Kebabtised..." So I guess I got kebabtised this week. ha yeah I don't know.

Posterity Picture
Sister Hernes is the grandmother
 and sister McFarland is my step sister!!!
Click here for a video of Sara getting "Kebabtised"

On Thursday morning we had weekly planning and were really trying to see what the Lord wanted us to accomplish in this area. As we were praying and trying to figure it out, we were really thinking about the huge number of less actives in the ward. However, we weren't sure what direction we should take.... Well that night we met with the relief society presidency and that was an answer to prayers. We went through all of the less active sisters on the ward list. There are only 60 to 70 active members in the ward... it is kind of a struggling ward. But the ward counsel as well as us are making a big push with all of the less actives in the ward... There are over 150 less active members in the ward.... that is crazy. And like 30 semi active members. Insane huh! We have a lot of work to do here. So yes on Thursday we identified like 20 or so that we can focus on! I am excited to see where this will go:)

On Saturday... we had a really long day of all appointments falling through, surprise surprise:) Literally no one was interested and that was a long day of God testing our patience. Well that night as we were walking back to our flat, we stopped to talk to one last person. AND UM MIRACLE. She was our age, AND plays football... So I told her we will have to play sometime. But she said that her grandfather is a member, but she lives in Ashford at the moment. We were a little bummed because that wasn't our area, but then she was like, "but my granddad wants me to go to the church in Rainham because I come here every weekend...." UMM YES WE CAN HELP YOU WITH THAT!!!! WOO. So stoked about that:) God is too good.

Saying good bye to Sister Mclchova
from the Czech Republic
She is has had a huge impact on my mission.
She is the only member in her family and
she was baptized when she was 16.
Now for the best part of the week... the reason why we are emailing on Tuesday is because yesterday we had an ALL MISSION CONFERENCE!!!!! Goodness I love those things. I loved seeing all of my girls again!!! I got asked to say the prayer at the conference as well. Just a side note... ha. 

The conference was AMAZING. It was with Clayton and Christine Christensen. So Clayton Christensen is the author of the book.... The Power of the Everyday Missionary. He did some training on member missionary work and man this guy is a living example of the greatest member missionary. I am so excited to start implementing the things that we learned. Especially in England...... the only way to truly hasten the work here is to change the culture of the wards.... what I mean by that is to train the ward on how to be member missionaries. Because as members, we want to share the gospel but just simply do not know how! Anywho... I will let you know how things go. 

Well sorry, not many cool stories this week! 

But this week I have started studying the gospels...... OH MY GOODNESS I AM IN LOVE. Is that weird? I LOVE THE BIBLE SO MUCH. I love studying about Christ. Ahh I seriously cannot get enough of study time. It is so amazing and the gospel is just so true I love it!!!!!! If you haven't before, I would highly suggest reading the New Testament. So amazing.

Welp, life is good and I am one blessed missionary. And I am loving every second:) 

Click here for a video showing the chaos of taking a mission picture.
Click here for a video of missionaries walking through Canterbury.
Click here for a video of missionaries walking through London.
Click here for a video of the entire mission walking down Exhibition Row.
Click here for the Armies of Helaman video.



Sister Sara Ranck

P.S. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is a really big deal here in England as Queen Elizabeth is breaking the record as the longest reigning monarch in history.

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