04 April 2016

My greatest desire was to help everyone I can feel and recognise the Savior's love for them.

Sister Bader from Switzerland
Wow! My love for this work and my Savior just keeps on growing every single day!!!! Especially the hard days and when people on the bus yell at you because they think your religion is a cult and that polygamy is a sin..... Nice to meet you too sir:) Ha that was some experience I tell yah! Wasn't conference AMAZING as usual? As I have come to understand the restoration and the Importance of living prophets even more, the more I truly treasure their words and council. For when a prophet speaks, it's the same as if God is speaking. AMAZING.

The Lord is blessing Sister Epicoco and me so much. I don't know how this week is going to work, we have too many people to see and not enough time! A lot of people would be stressed about this week but not me! I am having so much fun with it:) God is in control and he has blessed us with these people and will provide a way for everything to work the way he wants it to. I trust him:) We have some amazing people we are working with that I want to tell you about!

First, my girl Shannon!! My days she is doing SOOO amazing. She is 19 and is completely changing her life. She quit smoking and she said that she has tried many times before but it has never worked... And now that she has the help of God she has been able to actually quit! I am so dang proud of her!!! Haha guess how we met her..... So it was the beginning of last transfer and we were walking somewhere and just stopping people along the way, when we passed her walking her dog and I asked her, "Hey! Do you think dogs go to heaven?" Her response.... "Umm only the friendly ones!" And that was it. Now she is like our best friend and is going to be baptised this month and become such a
strong member! I LOVE this girl soooooo much!!!!

Second, we are teaching this girl named Lola from Nigeria!!! She is SOOO prepared it is amazing. Okay so her story..... She has only been in England for like 2 months and will only be here until May. She is here because she has to get special treatment for a skin disease she has. Missionaries met her up north somewhere and then referred her to us and my days SHE IS SO PREPARED. She will be baptised this month and she LOVES the Book of Mormon so much and LOVES church. She is excited to bring her family to the church when she gets home to Nigeria! She is amazing!!! <3

I just cannot get over how blessed I feel right now. As I listened to the prophets and apostles, my greatest desire was to help everyone I can feel and recognise the Savior's love for them. He loves us SO much. We cannot even comprehend it!


Sister Sara Ranck

A Portuguese Family in our Ward

Our Heater Broke for a Few Days.
It Was Freezing.

Watching General Conference at the chapel!!!

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