25 April 2016


Lola and Shannon's baptism day
Before I tell you about my week, I have to say how much I loved sweet uncle Dave. The heavens received a beautiful soul prepared to meet Christ this weekend. "Those who died in the faith of Christ are happy in him." (Alma 46:41) How blessed we are to have a sure knowledge of Heavenly Fathers perfect plan for us! Though we may be sad, the gospel of Jesus Christ makes us happy and we will see our dear Dave again.

This week was AMAZING. Shannon and Lola both entered the waters of baptism and what a beautiful beautiful moment that was for Sister Epicoco and me!!! A weekend I will remember forever. They were both BEAMING!!! Shannon man... I AM SO DANG PROUD OF THAT GIRL!!!!! And Lola..... I cannot WAIT for when her whole family in Nigeria comes into the gospel as well! She is so excited to go back and share with them everything she has learned here!! She told us that she thinks the reason she had to come to England to get skin treatment was so she could meet us. AMAZING!!!!!

On Tuesday we had lunch with Toba and Shannon and after we watched the Mormon message called "Your day for a mission." When we watched that I pretty much just cried because I was thinking about how my story is kind of similar to his... Leaving the sport and people I love to come and serve the Lord. And then sitting next to me were two of the people I had the opportunity to help bring into the gospel of Jesus Christ. That was such a powerful moment for me! I LOVE THEM BOTH SO SO MUCH!!!

This week we had the chance to go and do a lot of blitzes with some of the sisters we have been working with.. Where we traveled to their area and helped them find. And then I have been really focused on the people we are working with in our area and I am learning A LOT about the joy that comes when we FORGET ABOUT OURSELVES and focus on everyone around us! If you find yourself feeling down or depressed.... FORGET ABOUT YOURSELF AND SERVE! I promise you will experience great peace come into your life:)

I love my Savior so so much! Sister Epicoco and I spoke in church on Sunday and I was reminded of a saying that my cute mom has on our fridge that says this.... "NO CHRIST, NO PEACE. KNOW CHRIST, KNOW PEACE." It's true my friends! Make Him the focus:)

Sister Sara Ranck

PS..... A HUGE Birthday shoutout to my cute gramps!!! We are turning 21 this week:) can you believe it???!?!

PSS..... Another HUGE Birthday shoutout to my girl Kalli Sue..... Errrrrr WILLARDSON!!! Eat lots of Coldstone oatmeal cookie dough ice cream for me today to celebrate:) LOVE YOU!!!

Elder Delate from South Africa! I love this Elder!

Hubert baptised them both!

My girl Sister Wright from Utah

Sister Mura from France! She is such a great sister:)

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