18 April 2016

Words cannot express how much I LOVE this work.

The "Sandy Sleeper" and "Torina Terror" hahaha
Wow! I don't even know what to say! We are seriously seeing MIRACLES. Shannon and Lola are going to be baptised this weekend!!! I can't even believe it. I am so dang proud of them! Lola after her interview was SOO excited! She is going to go back to Nigeria in May and will bring all her family to the church:) and Shannon, man, she is probably one of the biggest miracles of my whole mission. She made MAJOR changes in her life to live the commandments and wow I just love her to bits! BLESSINGS! PRAY FOR THEM THIS WEEK.

I wish I could describe adequately what is happening in the Ilford ward right now. All because one member, Dulce, has been so involved in missionary work... Fasting... Praying... Being so willing to help us out.... This ward has EXPLODED with Portuguese people. It has been absolutely incredible to see! It seems like everyone we have been meeting lately is Portuguese. We are working with two amazing Portuguese families (one of which is the beautiful family that came to church last week), and also, this other family who has come to church twice and is doing AMAZING!! She has caught the fire of missionary work and we are seeing miracles because of it.

Sweet Assa Poitou and Natalie
I am learning so much from her. There is also this part member family that we have been working with that is Portuguese. Well, the whole family has never come to church together....... Dulce told us that she has been praying for them for 6 MONTHS every single day... AND YESTERDAY THEY CAME. She never gave up! Seriously.... God WANTS to bless his children so much! I know he does! He needs us to be his hands.

As she told us how she has been praying for them, I asked her how she feels seeing all these miracles in the ward, and she said, "Happy. I feel happy." She told us that just two years ago she was so selfish, always buying expensive clothes and spending so much money on herself... But God has shown her a better way... A happier way. I just pray we can all find the happier way!

This week we had interviews with President and sister Stevens. My days I love those two!!! Always leading up to interviews I feel super inadequate and like I am not reaching my potential and doing enough to become what Heavenly Father needs me to be. And you know I think in life we often feel like that. But it amazed me that when I was sitting in front of them and he asked me how I was doing, I suddenly had a new perspective. I saw myself through Gods eyes! Just like Elder Holland said in his conference talk..... "the Lord blesses those who want to improve." He is proud of every effort we take to come closer to Him. Wow, I seriously had a hard time writing this email because I can't describe in
We went down to Ashford to spend the day with
Sister Young and Mathews!
a few paragraphs what is happening here. Pretty much all you need to know is this...... GOD IS REAL. We need to learn to see ourselves from his eyes! And if members of the church would unite with the missionaries, EVERYTHING would change.

I had a dream the other night that I went back to Utah and was playing football at UVU and I didn't take off my badge because I didn't want to stop being full-time missionary. Words cannot express how much I LOVE this work. IT TRULY IS THE HAPPIER WAY!


Sister Sara Ranck

P.S. COOL STORY!! So I went on a blitz about a month ago in Southend and this guy we met lives in Canterbury... But we met him and he was like, "I have met missionaries a lot lately I guess it's a sign!" I was like, YES IT IS!!! And we referred him to the Canterbury missionaries! Well turns out he just got baptised and is doing so well. Miracles!!!

P.S.S.... That picture with Brother Beasley.... Bless his heart. My nickname is "Sandy" and he calls me the Sandy sleeper because I always fall asleep. And Sister Epicoco is the Torino Terror because she is from Torino, 28, and wanting to get married. Haha bless him.

We love tracting! Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun!

What a beautiful sight having so many children at church today <3

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