14 June 2016

I love this work with my whole heart and soul.

All of the sisters who came on exchanges signed our wall :)
Well, the time has come. After 5 beautiful transfers, 7 wonderful months in the great land of Ilford Stan, England. My time has come to say goodbye. President called me yesterday to tell me that I will be spending my last transfer in Watford with Sister Johannes.  I'm so excited to get to know Sister Johannes and to work with her!

But, leaving is still hard.  I cried when President told me because I will miss everyone here so much.  President said, "Sister Ranck, are you okay?" And sister Epicoco had to answer for me because I couldn't even talk. I didn't even know it was possible to love these people so much...... Sister Epicoco has become the sister I never had. I will miss her so so soooo much!!!!

Bobby, Dee, Maria, Magda, Rafael, Shannon, Lola, Rufina, Helder, and Toba........ I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to have met all of these wonderful people and see them change their lives to follow Christ. Although I won't be here, Bobby will be baptised this Sunday! He is probably one of the biggest miracles of my mission. I have never met anyone with a stronger desire than him to change his life. He has changed SOOO much! He truly radiates now. It is beautiful to see <3.

This week we had another beautiful opportunity. So as you know Lola will be moving back to Nigeria in just a few weeks... Well, we really wanted to make it possible for her to go to the temple  before she goes back! There was a ward temple trip so we got everything set up, and we even got her father's name prepared so she could take his name to the temple!!! Well, Friday comes around and the person who was going to take her.. His car broke down..... So all day we were making calls trying to figure out another option... And literally no one had space in their car because we were already short drivers..... Telling her that we weren't sure if she was able to make it broke my heart because she was so excited!!!! We prayed all day long that something will open up. And all day there was nothing...... But that night as I prayed..., I felt at peace and knew that something would happen..... Well, that morning we woke up to a text from one of the drivers saying that our prayers have been answered... There is space! Turns out there was some confusion with who was taking who, which opened up a few spaces so she could go to the temple!!!!! What a wonderful moment that was as we called her and told her our prayers had been answered <3. She had a wonderful experience!!!!

I love this work with my whole heart and soul. I will give everything these next 6 weeks.... But the wonderful thing is it doesn't stop here, I will be a missionary forever with the badge imprinted on my


Sister Sara Ranck

This is Larissa! She was baptised 3 weeks after I left Ilford
with her two siblings and mother!

My last time seeing Toba. Okay I'm crying! I love him!

The Ruckmals!!  I love this family with my whole heart and soul :)
Brother and Sister Stevensen :) They are wonderful!!
I will miss Toba SOOO much!!!!

Sweet Magda wrote out her testimony <3

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