20 June 2016

Life is SOO good

Bikes and skirts.  A bad idea.
First things first.. Happy Father's Day to my wonderful old man!!!! And my sweet grandpa Ranck andGramps Jarvis!!! I love you all so much and am so blessed to have the best support and greatest examples in my life!! I can't wait to give you a hug in just 5 weeks!!!! Love you <3.

Well looks like my worst nightmare came true........ I am now officially a sister missionary on a BIKE!!!.........Fantastic......... Let's just say that whoever thought it would be a good idea for sister missionaries to wear skirts and ride bikes at the same time was not the smartest person in the world. It is a daily struggle and my butt and legs are super sore, but at the same time they are really nice to get around places quicker:)

I think I will really like it here in Watford!! There are lots of people around and the ward is really great.... Probably 120 or so active! Still multicultural with people from Hungary, Portugal, Africa,
Bobby and Kumar!
England, you name it! But nothing like Ilford in that regard though haha. And my companion is GREAT! I love her already!! Her name is Sister Johannes but I call her Sister Jo! She is from Colorado, lived in St. George for the last 4 years, and went to BYU! We have lots of fun together and both just want to work! So it has been great so far:)

My first few days in Watford was quite the adventure..... Haha so I get here and the first thing we had to do was take our bike to a shop because the tire had popped earlier this week. And I kid you not.. It wasn't raining all day, but as soon as we went outside to take the bike to the shop it started pouring, we only had one umbrella, and I had to carry the bike because the tires wouldn't roll. Hahaha we were soaked and just laughed pretty much the entire time!! I wish someone had taken a photograph of us in this moment because I am sure we were quite the sight. I LOVE missionary work!!!

The view from our flat
We have some good people we are working with, but we need to really build it up though and find more people! So we did LOADS of finding this week and have a good week ahead of us... Whenever you have a full week like this you always see so many miracles! There is one guy who will be baptised on Sunday! His name is Sharam, he is from Kyrgistan (I have no clue how to spell it), and he has been  coming to church for 5 years. It has taken him time but he has completely turned his life around. He even just lost his job because he chose to go to church and not work. He is so excited for his baptism!

Life is SOO good!!! I am still working harder than ever!!! All because I love my Savior <3.


Sister Sara Ranck

We had a crazy bike adventure at the beginning
of our exchange....!

I love Sister Jo!!!!

The Watford Chapel

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