27 June 2016

Mormons! Mormons!

Sharam's Baptism
My days I love Watford already and love my companion, Sister Jo!!! We had great miracles this week! First, Shar's baptism was Sunday morning and that was the most smooth baptism I have ever had on my mission! Seriously nothing went wrong! We started preparing for Christmas early this year as well as he wanted to sing a Christmas song at his baptism..... So we sang "I heard the bells on Christmas Day!"Hahaha I couldn't help but just laugh the whole way through it! He is from Kurdistan, which is this city that is in like 5 countries in Iran, Iraq... Out that direction! Bless him, he is so great and has been coming to church for 5 years, making massive changes in his life to get to this point. He was so happy!!!!! 

Let's see, other things that happened this week! I have been on my mission for 17 months and Tuesday was the first time my whole mission that we literally found ALL. DAY. LONG. Because basically every appointment cancelled! Gotta love missionary work:) I was on exchange with Sister Carr from Missouri this day as well...... We had some hilarious moments:) for example, we stopped this African man and we're talking about Jesus Christ, then we pulled out the Book of Mormon... He saw "Mormon" on the front, screamed "MORMON! MORMON!" And literally ran away.... Then before he went out of sight he looked back at us and smiled....... hahahaha we died! It was hilarious! I love missionary work:)

The whole England London Mission.  See if you can find me.
On Wednesday we had a Portuguese BBQ for dinner with this less active family and my days I love Portuguese food! They gave us enough food to take home to last us a week. Then this little 8-year-old kid decided to take off all of his clothes and run around.... Hahaha mission memories. Gotta love it!

On Sunday at church, I got to see one of the members I love from Aylesbury ward and man when I saw her I basically started crying! I love all of these people! There was a sister who had just got home from her mission in the ward and seeing her with no badge really hit me that I only have 4 more weeks. My heart aches every time I think about it. So right there, in the middle of sacrament meeting I just cried as she spoke.

I will not waste any minutes in the next 4 weeks. Christ gave everything till the last second, and I will do the same. I love my Savior!

Sister Sara Ranck

I spy with my little eye a naked fat kid...

Portuguese BBQ!  I Love Portuguese food!

This guy always sings songs about Jesus.

We LOVE Rain

Aylesbury Chapel

It was sunny and hot when we woke up...
5 hours later, pouring rain.  Blessed England!

Our bikes in the elevator.
It's like Tetris trying to fit them in.

Sister Nyketcho and Sister Reina <3

Love these Elders!
Elder Murri (the guy who trains me every morning at 6am)
and Mthombeni.

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