11 July 2016

I love serving my Savior and representing him each and every day.

Sister Mathews and Sister Searle! Two powerful Sisters right here!
This week was grrrreat! My companion is wonderful. We have some really wonderful people we are working with and I just love love LOVE being a missionary and teaching people about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!! There is no greater calling:) I got to have an exchange with my girl Sister Mathews! My days I love her. I said goodbye to her and that was really sad. I can't believe it!!!!

My favourite thing to teach is the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We had a few great lessons where we taught the whole of the restoration and the Spirit is always so powerful in these moments! I love testifying of the Prophet Joseph Smith! And I love the moment where it finally clicks in their head and the Spirit testifies to their heart! One of our friends, Augustine.... He said the most powerful prayer I have ever heard after that lesson. When Africans pray they are really talking with God! It is amazing. Then our other friend Archie... That was an intense lesson and we were so bold. He came to church and that night we taught him... And he said that he believes that the things we taught him are all true. But he even said, straight up, "I am content with where I am at and I don't want to change." And he totally understood about what he is missing out on...... Sometimes I just don't understand! That was really sad, but nothing more we can do except pray for him!!!

This week we had zone meeting on Friday, and Sister Jo and I gave a training on the sacrament. The hardest part about missionary work is helping our friends come to church. Everyone works, plays football, is with family, likes to sleep, etc etc etc and coming to church is such a challenge for people! So we have been praying and fasting about what more we can do to help them come to church. It was amazing to see and feel inspiration as we studied this, and I really feel strongly that we need to help the missionaries and our friends understand WHY we go to church! AKA understand more about the sacrament! So that was what our training was focused on and it was super powerful! I learned so much and I am so grateful for my Savior, for the chance to recommit every single week!

Our Friend Rita from Italy!!
She will be baptised in August.
I gave another departing testimony at zone meeting.... I can't believe it. Next week will be my last week to email. This Saturday we are going to the temple:) I cannot wait to go! I will also get to see Dee and Toba, my recent converts/best friends from Ilford:) I am SOO excited!!

I love serving my Savior and representing him each and every day.


Sister Sara Ranck
Playing Quittidtch

Sister Potts from Aylesbury

4th of July Celebration
We spent our p day morning at this yummy breakfast place in town!
Little Ben:) He and his mum Cheryl will be baptised (eventually)

Sister Price and Sister Potts

One of my all time favourite Elders from South Africa.. Elder Delate!

My last Monday in the mission field, treating ourselves to a crepe near Hyde Park <3

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 "We want YOUR friends to come to church!"

P day emailing/breakfast!

Sister Jo loves her smoothies!
It's so hard to find a good smoothie in England!

Augustine and Sharam <3


What are you doing to my arm...?

Our attempt at taking cute photos behind Hyde Park chapel!

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