04 July 2016

My mission has been the greatest time of my entire life and I cannot thank my Heavenly Father and Savior enough.

Three more weeks! I can't believe! I love my mission so much! My companion, Sister Jo, is so great and we are always laughing and having fun, but are so focused on the work as well! She is exactly what I needed for my last transfer:)

This week was such an incredible week.... I honestly don't even know what to say to express what happened this week. We had the privilege of having President Kearon, our area President and a member of the Seventy, and Sister Kearon here for a mission tour.  Wow!  It was amazing and will lift the mission so much going forward! It was half the mission and Romford zone was there so I got to see my girl Sister Epicoco!!!! I didn't expect to see her and I just cried when I did! My days I love that girl and miss her so much!!!! Everyone in Ilford is doing so well:) I am SOOO happy!! Larissa and her family are going to be baptised in a few weeks:) I am so excited for them!!!! She said everyone misses me soo much. My days I miss it!!!!

Our Friend Clement with his Ghanian drink... I think it is disgusting! 
It was hilarious. Kay so Elder Kearon did this thing in the meeting about how we need to be ourself when we talk with people, cause so many of us turn into robots! I have had that on my mission at one point as well. ANYWAYS! Elder Kearon asks this question, "Think of the most able finders that you know.  What are their attributes?" Everyone was like... "Sister Ranck and Epicoco...." So Elder Kearon asked both of us to come there on the stand and we did a finding role play.....Haha it was really hilarious doing that cause we were supposed to do one where we are really depressed... And then the opposite! Then we compared the two. It was really good to show the missionaries how we need to represent and become the message! It was powerful.

We had MLC this week as well.... I can't even describe what happened here to you. It was probably the most sacred and powerful experiences I have ever had in my entire life. I have never felt the Spirit so strongly as we were united as a leadership council, with President and Sister Stevens and President and Sister Kearon. The Lord is in this work. That is all I can say.

I gave my departing testimony in MLC... That was rough. My heart aches when I think about leaving this land and these people that I love. My mission has been the greatest time of my entire life and I cannot thank my Heavenly Father and Saviour enough. That is why I will serve them until the day I die.


Sister Sara Ranck

Sharam.  We celebrated his baptism at the global buffet.
Bro. and Sis. Jest

Setereh and Ahdi at church.  Our miracle for the week.
They are amazing

We ate dinner with a member who lives in
one of these boats along the canal.

We are moving the lock to block the canal.

Our friend Elder Murri:)

Elder Falke from Germany. He is one of my favourites!

Sister Williams and Sister Gale <3 I love them!

All of the STL's with Sister Stevens


My girl Sister Matthews from South Africa!

My girl Sister Wright!

I love Elder Jensen so much!!!

Bobby's Baptism!! Just 3 days after I left Ilford! I am so proud of him <3

Our first lesson with Clement:) What a stud!

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