01 June 2015

We taught the restoration with the Legos

AHH THIS WEEK WAS SUCH A GREAT WEEK. My testimony has grown so much this week it is crazy. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL SO MUCH AND I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!! Seriously it is the greatest ever. The 3 weeks before this last were not the greatest, but I grew so much during those few weeks and now my testimony is stronger than ever. 

Here are a few of the happenings this week......


2. I am famous. Have you all seen that Glorious video that my mission did a cover of??? Yeah it is going viral. Haha that was fun:) 

3. We had the 3 week new missionary meeting in London!!! I love going to London! We learned a lot from President and Sister Jordan about being a more dedicated missionary and exactly obedient. I love them so much! I will miss them when they leave in just a few weeks!! 

4. HAPPY 4 MONTHS TO ME! Seriously where is the time going.......

5. I went on an exchange with Sister Mclcochova! (Moch-A-Hova) She is from the Czech Republic!!! We had some crazy things happen on the exchange..... 

First of all some guy kissed me on the cheek.... I didn't know what the heck to do. He tried to kiss Sister M as well but she dodged it.... that was awkward. haha 

Then when we were doing companion study in the morning, we were talking about the signs of the second coming and no joke a pigeon flew into our window and died. ........ It was crazy. I think it is a sign. ......

6. We went to the Wall family on Sunday for Dinner and they had some legos and we taught the restoration with the Legos. Haha that was kind of fun:)

7. On Monday we went to this cool place called Woburn Safari Park with the Wall family!!!! Oh my days it was fun:) We had to drive through the England Countryside to get there and I think I am obsessed with it. So beautiful!!!!!! We had fun taking selfies with all of the animals:)"

The best part of this week was that we have an amazing new investigator called Lisa!!!!! She is a young mother and Sister Barbosa and I knocked on her door a few weeks ago! She said that her mother is a member but hasn't been for years, and she remembers having the missionaries over at her house a lot when she was young. We had a wonderful lesson with her last week and another one with her this morning! Last week when we invited her to be baptised, she said that that is something that she has been thinking about for awhile. She said if she come to know this was right that she would be baptised:) She is on date for July 4th! 

I love teaching her! She is so receptive and loves learning about the gospel. I just love her so much already! PRAY FOR HER. 

My testimony really grew so much this past week. On Saturday we were coming to Leighton on the bus and I had a really intense conversation with this guy. He is an ex-muslim and doesn't believe that there is a God anymore. He was trying to do everything he could to convince me that there is no God and shake my faith. As we were having this conversation, I was able to look him in the eye and tell him that I KNOW that there is. I KNOW there is a God. My faith is firm and unshaken and stronger than ever. I have seen him in my life and I KNOW he is real.

Last night we stopped this lady on the street and started a conversation with her. That conversation again became very intense as we told her a little bit about the Book of Mormon. She became so defensive and said that she cannot accept anything but the bible, and the bible is all that we need. That reminds me of some verses in 2 Nephi 29:6-10....
The Bible cannot be the only scripture...... God is a god of revelation. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He called prophets in days of old, and he calls prophets now. Why would he stop speaking to his children? Well, good thing we know he hasn't. And the evidence of that is the Book of Mormon. 

I sure love that Book. I have been studying it over the past few weeks and my testimony of it and the things it contains is continually growing. Immerse yourself in it. It is here to direct and guide us! If you have not read it, here is the council of President Monson.... "READ IT." 

I love you all so much! This is the work of the Lord. People are being prepared right now for this message. They are being placed in YOUR path. Don't be shy. Have courage and open your mouth!!! 



Sister Ranck

Yup.  It's a Monkey at the Safari Park.
Yup.  It's a Bear at the Safari Park.

Thanks for the Package from my UVU girls and Mom.

England's Bi-polar Weather

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