24 November 2015

You may think you know what is coming at transfers, but really, you have no idea

I love Sister Mathews <3
Wow! Just wow. What I have learned this week is that you may think you know what is coming at transfers, but really, you have no idea. The least expected thing always happens! And that is what happened this transfer especially.

I have been called to be a Sister Training Leader and will be serving with Sister Fenu in Illford. (Sister training leaders are responsible for the training and welfare of sister missionaries that are assigned to them.  They also participate in leadership council.  They also work closely with the Mission President and his wife.) Illford is in Essex and is on the outskirts of London. So yes I will be serving in LONDON!!!! WOOO! With the red buses, undergrounds, oyster cards, and everything! Sister Fenu is from Italy. I don't know much about her but I have heard she is a fantastic missionary! I am excited to serve with her! I am especially humbled to have this call! I feel very inadequate, but I have strong faith and trust in God and Jesus Christ and I know they will help me! President Stevens when he called and told me yesterday, he said that the Lord has been preparing me for this call. I am very grateful for his confidence in me!

AND GET THIS!!! SISTER HAYNIE IS COMING BACK TO GILLINGHAM TO SERVE WITH SISTER MATHEWS!!!! SAY WHAAA??? THIS IS THE CRAZIEST THING OF MY LIFE. Because 2 transfers ago they switched areas and trainers and now she is coming back! I am so stoked for them! I absolutely LOVE this area and ward and we have seen great success these past 3 weeks! President congratulated us on our success the last few weeks and told us he wants to keep this momentum going so that is why Sister Haynie is coming back! Aw my two baby girls <3 haha! If anyone is going to continue to help this area grow it is those two!

Aw man I am going to miss Sister Mathews so much. She has become my best friend out here! It is crazy how we literally spend 24/7 together and you just grow to love your companions so much! We have overcome a lot together and work so well together! Ahh I am going to miss this girl. She is wonderful!
This is Fran! We found her on my last Saturday
here and she came to church!

Well yes, anywho, this past week was CRAZY! So much happened but I won't be able to write everything unfortunately. So here are a few highlight......

- I went on exchange in London with Sister Grant and LOVED IT! I also went running on the most expensive road in London... Bishops Avenue I think is what it was called. And dang those houses are huge. I also had a really crazy experience in London on a bus. We got on the bus and I sat down and turned to the lady next to me and just kindly asked her how her day has been. She looked at me and said very rudely, "why are you talking to me?" I was shocked I just said sorry, I am just trying to be friendly! Then she looked at me and told me to shut up! Well, this little exchange kind of made a scene on the bus and then everyone around us started being overly nice to me and everyone else and I just felt so bad for this poor lady! She was probably just having a bad day! It was pretty intense.

Scott and Vikki:)
-We had the most AMAZING lesson again with Clayton!!!!! We went to dinner at the Dobbies house and that was probably the most hilarious hour of my life. Then we had such an amazing lesson the Spirit was so powerful! AND HE ACCEPTED A BAPTISMAL DATE IN DECEMBER. Ahh flippin heck! I have been on my misison for 10 months and never experienced the Spirit work in a lesson like that before. It was powerful stuff! I was praying so hard in that lesson. Sometimes it would get a little out of control, but then I would open up my mouth to say something, and I had no idea what the heck I was saying, and after I couldn't even remember what I said, the Spirit seriously took over it was incredible. He is progressing so well and I am so proud of him!!!! To be continued.....

WE have seen so many great miracles for the last two weeks! There is a baptism this Saturday as well. His name is Jack and he is 11! Poor guy, he is so nervous and doesn't say a word! That is why he hasn't been baptized yet, but we have been teaching him over the past 2 weeks and he is going to be baptized this weekend! We have so many good things going right now! I am sad I am leaving, but I am so excited though as well!

-We also had a great miracle this weekend! On Friday night Elder Packer our district leader gave us a challenge to find someone on Saturday to come to church. He promised us that we would. Challenge accepted. So on Saturday we got to work. Well, we had no luck until it was dark outside and we were heading to our dinner appointment around 5 and stopped this lady with headphones on the street. Well boom she was perfect! The more we got talking to her the better she got! She told us that she feels it was some kind of sign that she bumped into us.... and I definitely told her it was! And that we had prayed specifically prayed that day for someone who was searching for truth, and we were lead to her. She came to church and had a good but slightly overwhelming experience! It was great!!!!!! And the Sisters are seeing her on Wednesday! I am so excited for her:)

Yes as I said, I am leaving right when everything is getting really good:) haha. I am going to miss everything so much! I am going to miss the missionaries I serve around especially!!!! Here is another quote of the week from the great Elder Packer....

"Welcome to district meeting on the 19th day of the 11th month of the 2015th year of our Lord......"

Oh Geez I am going to miss these fools!!!!

Wow God is so in this work it is incredible. I know that this is His true church and that any sincere seeker of truth will be able to come to know that for himself. What a wonderful blessing it is to be a part of it!


Sister Sara Ranck

1 Pound bowling for the win.

The Tuttles have been amazing!

George and Suzanne have my heart!!!

I love these two ladies!!!

RS activity!

I love this beautiful lady<3

Sister Grant is amazing! She's from Finland

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