08 February 2016

Christ can truly change us. As we give our life to him, he makes more out of it than we ever could.

Sister Phillips and I in Chelmsford!
Welp, it's the last week of the transfer and dang I don't think I will be able to survive without Sister Fenu! I love this girl soooooo stinkin much! She is fantastic!!!! Transfers just fly by now and time just really needs to stop ASAP.  

Ahhh HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT TO MY DADDY AND MY CUTE GRAMMY!! Ahhhh miss you and love you sooo much and wish I could give you a big hug but looks like you have to wait six more months! I hope you have a fantastic birthday:)

This week was a better week and we had some pretty good little miracles:) One day I was on the bus and was at the very front, and I was talking to this former investigator on the phone inviting her to church. Well, she wasn't interested, but when we went to get off the bus, this guy was like, "Hey I'll come to your church on Sunday! I walk by that church all the time and have always wanted to go inside." My jaw pretty much hit the floor..... That never happens. So we stayed on the bus for a few more stops and got his contact information and then saw him again this weekend. Man God is too good!

Let's see..... A few other random happenings of the week..... We definitely have a mouse living in our kitchen and I definitely almost chopped my finger setting that stupid mouse trap........ I literally saw my life flash before my eyes at that moment I have never been so scared.

Another random story..... I went on exchange to Chelmsford this week with Sister Phillips from Clearfield, Utah and they have this 90-year old investigator.  Well, she asked us to get a few things at the store for her, so she doesn't get blown over by the wind, and no joke when we got back to her house, she looks at us and says, "Joseph Smith would be so proud of you." And she was serious too. Hahaha I died.

Okay enough of this nonsense! This week I have witnessed the Lord hastening His work right in front of my own eyes. We had MLC this week and President told us about the new way we will start doing exchanges that has come straight from the quorum of the 12 and the church missionary department. So how it is going to work is instead of one of us staying in our area and the other sister going to the other sisters area, both sisters are going to come to our area, and we will have two companionships working here for 24 hours.

Okay not sure how to explain this, but basically the idea behind it is all of the leaders areas (zone leaders and sister training leaders) are supposed to be model areas. So the sisters will come to our area to learn from the way we work and take that back to their own area to apply what they learned. This is really exciting but boy is it going to require so much planning and the work in our areas is going to be crazy!!!! We are starting it next transfer. Yes get ready for my life to get even crazier! Goodness I Love this work.

This week at MLC there were four missionaries who gave departing testimonies and wow it really hit me in that moment how little time I have left. These moments always humble me and make me realise how much I still have to work on in my quest to be a consecrated disciple of Christ! I was getting a little down on myself but then the Spirit kindly reminded me where I started and boy that was a different person.

I know that Christ can truly change us. As we give our life to him, he makes more out of it than we ever could. Daily repentance is the key to change!

Love you all!

Onward and upward.

Sister Sara Ranck

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