29 February 2016

I know that the gospel changes lives and that is because of our Savior Jesus Christ

Wow this week has been AMAZING. We are seeing soooo many miracles!!! The Lord is blessing us. Rufina and Helder are doing sooo well! She doesn't even speak English but she loves church because she feels good there:) I'm tellin yah.... It's all sooo true!!! Oh and I LOVE London as well..... We went to London today and it was E Van den Broeks birthday!!! We definitely announced it on a tube and had everyone sing to him. Hahahaha he hated me for that one.... Sorry bout it;)

Sister Epicoco and I have so much fun together.... I love this girl!!!!! For example, the other day we
got on the bus and nobody was on the bus except for 4 people in the back.... So she leans to me and
whispers... "Let's go preach to them." Hahaha so we go to the back of the bus and I don't remember what I said exactly but I think I asked if they went to church today, and they said yes and then we had a conversation with all 4 of them about our church and it was awesome I tell you! One by one they got off until there was one lady from Africa still on the bus, and she told me how she sings in the choir at her church so I asked her to sing for me..... She did. Hahah it was awesome because there were a lot of people on the bus at this point! We got to our stop, we were going to our chapel, and we were going to get off when Sister Epicoco asked if she wanted to come see the church with us. She thought for like half a second then grabbed her bag and came..... YES!!

Well, let me just say that I really do not like Satan. When we walked into the chapel the Spirit was really powerful. We took her into the chapel.... I have done that many times with people before..... But this time was different and the Spirit really hit us. She recognised it too and said she felt something when she walked in. As we spoke to her, I felt the Spirit tell me to tell her that she needs to come to this church. I told her I was getting that prompting and
then Sister Epicoco started to bear her testimony about following the promptings of the Spirit when Satan decided to interfere and her phone started to ring...... She then was on the phone for like 10 minutes and had to leave before we got a chance to talk with her. OH MY DAYS ARE YOU KIDDING ME. We have her number though so no fear....... That was such a testimony to me that this work really is true... Because if it wasn't there wouldn't be so much opposition to it.

We also had our first exchange this week in the new format... That was a really powerful experience as well. Having all four of us in the same area doing the Lords work brought a lot of power! My favourite part of it was the studies in the morning. Having all of us talking with our Heavenly Father and seeking the Spirit as we studied His word, then talking together during companion study about the things we learned..... Wow! that was a special experience. This Sister I was with was Sister Young, and get this.... I actually worked with her as a CNA for 2 summers so that was fun reminiscing on our crazy stories from working at an assisted living:) love that girl.

I love everything about being a missionary. I know that the gospel changes lives and that is because of our Saviour Jesus Christ!!!!!


Click here for a birthday wish to my 2 brothers at home.

Sister Sara Ranck

My husband (Haysman)  with our baby boy (Davis)
and crazy uncle Packer!

All of the STL's with President!

Happy Birthday Stefan!!!

My first exchange (FINALLY) with Kaylie Young!

I love these two sisters! Sister Coleman and Katrnakova

The gates of Buckingham Palace! 

Buckingham Palace

We love traveling on the tube!

Tower Bridge!

These two are members and they stopped us
and wanted to take a picture!

Happy Birthday Elder Van Den Broek;)
Sorry I made you wear a birthday hat all around London..!!!

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