22 February 2016

Pray for Laughter :) Choose to Find Joy Every Day

I Love My New Companion, Sister Epicoco
AH OKAY I LOVE SISTER EPICOCO. Whenever I think of her I just laugh she is hilarious!!! Hahaha okay so the other day we were already laughing about something and then as we were walking down the street this guy was sprinting at us to catch a bus or something, and Sister Epicoco pulls out a card, and as he sprints past us she holds it out to him, well he goes past us a ways, comes to a halt, sprints back, grabs the card, and says, "no problem, no problem" and sprints away. The whole time Sister Epicoco didn't say a word, she was just laughing..... HAHAHA I wish I had it on video. I promise you it was really funny:) then that night she was like, "my biggest regret from today is not having my number on that card."

Also in the morning, we go outside to run and I just run up and down our street because she doesn't run.  Well, our neighbour was outside at 630 going to work and he offered me a cigarette, I politely declined, then Sister Epicoco goes to talk with him and tells him about the gospel and we literally just woke up like 5 minutes before this. Ha! She takes talking to everyone to a whole new level. I love it!!!
Falling Asleep....HaHa 

Other than laughing all week, I was also SUPER tired and I fell asleep at Bro Beasley's house for like 20 minutes...... And boy he will never let me live that one down. Haha they definitely took pictures as well. Grrrrrrreat!

Rufina is doing SOO well. We taught her the word of wisdom and when she found out we don't drink coffee she was shocked because everyone in Portugal drinks coffee... Well, the member was telling her that she should come off of it slowly instead of giving it up all at once, but Rufina was like, "No I'll give it all up now!" Goodness, she is sooo good. I love her soo much!!!

She has a 14-year-old son called Helder and he has come to church twice now and we haven't taught him directly yet but we are tomorrow..... But he is SOO good as well! After sacrament meeting, he comes up to me and says, "Sister Ranck! How do I be one of those ones who pass the bread and the water!!!" Hmm well, I can help you out with that! :)
Toba went to the temple!!

Toba also went to the temple on Saturday:) I am so proud of him!!!! He is doing great:)

I learned this week that laughter truly is the best medicine. I could have been really stressed this week as we were trying to build up our teaching pool and taking over an area brings a lot of responsibility on your shoulder, but instead, we worked hard and had fun and that made all the difference!

Try to find something to laugh about every day! Pray for laughter:) that is my favourite thing to pray for!! I really do know that every day there is something that will make us smile. Even when nothing else seems to be going right in our life, we can always find joy in something everyday:) look for it!

Now a quote from one of my favourite women....... Marjorie Pay Hinckley (I don't remember exactly so I am paraphrasing a bit)

"In life, we can either laugh or cry our way through it....... I prefer to laugh, crying gives me a

That is so true friends and family! CHOOSE to find joy every day:)

We love Dave!!!
I LOVE this work!!!!!!!! I love my Savior.



Sister Sara Ranck

PS..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TWO OF MY FAVOURITES..... THOMAS AND MY SAMMY BOY!!!!! Will you both just stop growing up already???! I can't beat you up anymore.  Love you both so much and have the best week EVER!!!!!you both are too big!

PSS..... Any suggestions for a name for our pet mouse?? He's a sneaky little bugger!!!!!

Elder Paul from New Zealand!

I'm going to miss this girl.

Two of my daughters!

Gillingham reunion.

Relief Society activity.

One of our sisters made these.  Cute huh!

Elder Metcalf! Chelsea used to cut his hair.

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