02 May 2016

The great moments always outweigh the hard ones!

We tried getting football going every Saturday morning!!
Hiya! So this week wasn't the greatest of all weeks but no fear because the great moments always outweigh the hard ones!!! And there definitely were some great and funny moments this week!

So let's just get right into it... First off.... I got to spend the day with my girl SISTER MATHEWS on Friday!!!! She came for an exchange and man, being with her was the greatest of all time! We got to relive our life in Gilligham and that was so wonderful!! That was the hardest period of my life being there... But looking back all I remember now are the great moments and people that I love!

We had a cool/funny experience while together! We just got on the bus to come home and we there was this guy sitting at the front who looked at us and smiled... At first, I was like, what the heck? Then I was like, okay I need to talk to him. So I did and he was like, "I met missionaries in Romford a few weeks ago!" Then he was like, "I hold the Melchizidek Priesthood!" UMM STOPPP. Yeah, he's a member but hasn't been to church in ages. He had to get off the bus real fast so we got off with him... Then he was like.... "My favourite hymn is number 26!" And he started humming it, so we started to sing along.... Then we sang that whole song together on the side of the road.... Hahaha I was dying. It was awesome! Well yeah, we told him it is time to come back to church now. He agreed.

Story number two.... Hahaha you will die at this one. So we are teaching this Portuguese family consisting of a mum and two kids.... Rafael who is 12 and Magda who is 8. Well, Magda is an angel and Rafael is rebellious. Well, Maria comes to church on Sunday, sits next to me in Relief society with this little smirk on her face, opens her bag to show me the modem for the Internet (how do you call that thing?). I didn't understand at first, but then a few minutes later she gets a call from Rafael, so we go out with her. And he ended up coming to church. Well, Maria was dying because she took the modem to church so Rafael wouldn't have wifi at home so he had to come. Hahaha Sister Epicoco and I were dying man! It actually
worked:) she was so proud of herself and her clever idea:)

Story number 3........ We are teaching this guy named Dee from Africa... And he is basically Toba part 2. So prepared! Well, guess how I met this guy...... We were in Dagenham kind of by the tube station, well this guy is running to try and catch the bus, and I kid you not, I stopped him anyways (I fear no man), quickly I said that I am from the church and asked for his number.... He gave it to me and sprinted to the bus... Then I called him, set up an appointment, and he has now come to church 2 times and loves it! He is progressing really well! My days I love this work. So funny:)

I LOVE ILFORD! And I LOVE SISTER EPICOCO!! Transfers are next week and I am really sad! But I will do whatever the Lord wants:) I have chosen to give my life to him, my time is His not mine because I know that is the more excellent way to a successful and happy life.


Sister Sara Ranck

This sweet girl made me a birthday card

Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

Our first lesson with Dee!

Brother Ololade! I got to witness him come back into the gospel.
What an amazing man!

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