10 May 2016

Life is beautiful.

Welp............ We got a call from President yesterday to break the news to us.......... You are never going to guess what is happening......... SISTER EPICOCO IS STUCK WITH ME FOR ONE MORE TRANSFER!!!!!!!!! Yes, you heard right.... We are both STAYING in ILFORDSTAN. We FLIPPED out when we heard!!!!!! AHHH I am so stoked for this you have no idea! I love my Italian sister sooo much!!! 3 transfers..... This NEVER happens! President told us that he really felt we need to stay together one more. I LOVE ILFORD! Here comes round 5:)

Here is some other news I have to share... Dallin H. Oaks is coming to our mission on June 7th! We get the chance to hear from an apostle of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. What an opportunity! This transfer is also a 5-week transfer..... And we have 7 exchanges to do.... Let's just say this is going to be crazy. But I know the Lord will help us:) Even when we don't see how things are going to work out....... We can trust God. He always provides a way!:)

Beautiful dresses from Nigeria
This week, some of the members got back from Nigeria and brought us back an African dress!! I guess you can say I am officially part of the Ilford ward now:) I am spending half of my mission in India and Africa.... I'm tellin yah! I love it so much!

As far as other happenings from the week.... We had MLC on Wednesday. That was the best MLC I have been to! I really prepared myself spiritually to be taught by the Lord for this meeting and I'm tellin yah.... That made all the difference. I felt the Spirit very strongly as we united as a mission and set goals for what we can accomplish together. Also, Dee, Maria and Magda are all doing really well!!!:) I am super excited for these wonderful people:)

Life is beautiful. This week I have been very challenged not gonna lie..... It was a tough week and I have been exhausted. Talking to people sounded exhausting, teaching, planning, everything. There
have been moments where I just wanted to cry thinking about all I need to do. But it is in these moments that I am learning what it really means to rely on the atonement of Jesus Christ. It's in our lowest moments that we really look back and see the power of God in our life:)

I also have the ALL TIME GREATEST family in the world:) Talking to you on Sunday gave me the motivation and strength to continue! Thank you!:) I promise you I will do everything to serve God with all of my HEART, MIGHT, MIND, and STRENGTH. Love you:)

Sister Sara Ranck

It was so fun seeing Sister Fenu randomly!
I literally cried when I saw her!

My Italian Sisters!!

Sister Kat! She is amazing:)

My Flat... 3 Clandon Road!

Elder Haysman is going home this week.
He is one of my Favorites!

I love Maria <3

African Dresses.  What a fun gift.

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