23 May 2016

When you give your life to God he sure makes a lot more out of it than you can alone.

Happy Birthday to Bro Beasley!
Just when I thought life couldn't get any better, I am yet again proven wrong. This week was a fantastic week and I am so happy! There is nothing greater than completely giving your life to serving God. It all is true... When you give your life to God he sure makes a lot more out of it than you can alone.

Sister Epicoco and I are so excited for this week. Our beautiful Portuguese family will be baptised on Saturday! Maria, Magda, and Rafael! Elder Silva interviewed them in Portuguese and he told me that Maria said that when she met me for the first time on the bus, she didn't remember anything I said but she saw the badge and knew that this was where she needed to be. 2.5 months later they will be entering the waters of baptism. It has been a crazy road with them and there were days where we didn't know what to do.... But over the past month the change in them has been AMAZING. I just feel blessed that God let me be a part of their miracle <3.

Also, our good friend Dee will be baptised on Saturday!!!!! He is amazing as well and is so prepared:) I spoke with him this past Saturday on the phone and he just thanked me for helping him to get to this point and for everything we have done for him. I love these people so so so much!!!! I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK!!!

Sweet Madga
This week we had a zone conference and the theme of zone conference was the restoration. Wow, this was the most powerful meeting I have been in so far on my mission. The AP's gave a training on the first vision, and then they had President and a Sister Stevens do a role play where they taught the restoration to someone. Let me just say, that was the most powerful 10 minutes hearing them both testify of Joseph Smith, the restoration of the gospel, and our Savior Jesus Christ. The Spirit really told me yet again that it is all in fact true.

After the AP's training, Sister Epicoco and I were asked to give a training on the Book of Mormon. We focused on helping the missionaries gain a personal testimony of the Book of Mormon and then sharing it powerfully with those we meet. We had them each close their eyes and we read these questions while they pondered them in their heads......

-When was the first time I received a spiritual witness of the Book of Mormon?
-When was the last time I received a spiritual witness of the Book of Mormon?
-What role has the Book of Mormon played in my own conversion?
-How do I know the Book of Mormon is true?
-What does this mean to me?
-Do I feel sincere when I share my testimony of the Book of Mormon?

That was a powerful moment as well. I want to invite you to do the same. Really ponder on your testimony of the Book of Mormon this week and think about what that means to you.

I love this work with my whole heart and soul. God is changing me. I love my Savior.


Sister Sara Ranck

Maria, Magda, Rafael

Sister Cardoso from Brazil. She is such a powerful sister!

Hahaha Happy Birthday Brother Beasley:)

The Sikh Temple

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