30 May 2016

What a beautiful Spirit filled everyone's heart

The sweetest girl in this world!
I cannot even describe how I feel right now to you. This weekend has been the greatest weekend of my mission and I feel so much love and gratitude, especially for my Savior. Dee, Maria, Magda, and Rafael all entered the waters of baptism. What a beautiful Spirit filled everyone's heart during this service! Stronger than I have ever experienced. I just thank God that I had the privilege and opportunity to be a part of their miracle!

Sister Epicoco and I did a musical number for the service and this was after they had been baptized, we all came back into the chapel. We sang "I feel my Saviors love", the first and last verse in English and the middle verse in Portuguese! As we started singing in Portuguese, I looked at Maria's face and tears were streaming down her cheek. I just about lost it at that point!

After the service, she came up to me and just cried as she hugged me. She pulled away, put her hand on my face, and with her other hand she pointed to my badge and said, "The bus! Thank you!" I will never forget that moment. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it! I am so grateful for this experience. It wasn't me who did anything, it was all about Christ. She didn't even remember what I said the first time I met her on the bus, let alone what I looked like! And we could barely understand each other as she speaks Portuguese! All she remembered was the name of Jesus Christ and knew that was where she needed to be.

The road wasn't easy and there were moments where we almost dropped them, but the Spirit kept telling us, "just wait a little longer!" There is honestly no greater joy than seeing someone overcome opposition and follow our Saviour. Especially for this beautiful family!!

Dee as well, he is so strong already!!! I am so proud of him and I will never forget the moment I stopped him as he was trying to run to catch the bus! And he yelled his number to me as he was running to the bus, and that was what started it all! He is doing so well and I am so proud of him:)

Sunday was a crazy crazy day but also such a beautiful day! During sacrament meeting, I was looking around and saw all of the people I have worked with sitting in church.... Toba, Rufina, Helder, Lola, Shannon, Dee, Maria, Magda, Rafael. And my heart was filled with so much love and I just started to cry thinking about how much I love these amazing people! I can't believe I will be leaving soon! These relationships and experiences I will cherish for the rest of my life. <3 Especially
with my amazing companion!! I love Sister Epicoco so much! The day we leave each other I will cry so hard!

I have been pondering a lot lately about my mission and the struggle that I had for the first half of my mission. It was hard!! There were days where I just wanted to give up and call it quits....... There were moments that I doubted my testimony..... There were times when I didn't think I would ever see the fruits of my labours........ But I just pushed through it and continued in faith and obedience. Now the miracles I am witnessing have been unlike anything I have ever experienced.

I know with all my heart and soul that the gospel changes people's lives. All because of the atonement and sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ! Oh, how I love him!!!


Sister Sara Ranck

Toba is praying...

Hahaha Oh Dee....

What a beautiful sight... So much white!!!

This was one of the most amazing and powerful nights of my mission!

Helder and Rafael peeking inbetween us!!!

Brother Duru for President! Haha he took us to the Hindu temple on P day and we got some blessed fruit!

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