16 May 2016

The gospel is real life!

Every single day this week I came home and thought to myself.... "This is why I needed to stay in
Ilford for one more transfer with Sister Epicoco." I am learning things right now that I will use for the rest of my life! I love it here SOO SO SO much.

We have a little Portuguese community forming in the ward all because two amazing women decided to give their life to God. They have been praying for months to know what they can do for God, and what happens? We find all of these Portuguese people who are now changing their life to come unto Christ. Sonya and Dulce's example I will remember for the rest of my life...

After church on Sunday, we had a beautiful experience. We all went to Sonya's house to have family home evening with all of our Portuguese friends:) Portuguese food, though..... It's my new favourite! The whole time I couldn't understand a word that was said (All I can say in Portuguese is "Prayer", "Thank you", "how are you", and then my favourite.... "I am tired, sorry." Haha every time I say that they all just laugh!) but man there were several moments throughout my time there that I just started crying because the Spirit was SOOO powerful! That was the most incredible lesson I have ever experienced. Rufina and Helder were there and Rufina shared that since she got baptised,
Sonya's House for FHE. I love our Portuguese community!
her rent has dropped £200 pounds. Maria and Magda are preparing for their baptism next weekend. All because two people wanted to share the gospel and prayed to know what they could do for God.........

I'm tellin' you. The gospel is real life! We get so consumed with these day to day little things that have no eternal value. We really need to take a step back and see people and situations through the Lord's eyes!

I love this work with my whole heart and soul. I have never been more tired, but I also have never experienced more joy. And I am serving with my best friend:) Sister Epicoco is the most amazing person and I learn so much from her every single day!

Have a fantastic week and remember who you really are... Sons and Daughters of our Heavenly

Sister Sara Ranck

This guy asked us to trade books,
and this is what we got!

I Fear No Man

Baby Helder

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